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WinterBoard There are quite a few mods in WinterBoard today and I want to mention a few…one of which I am excited to tell the ladies about!! I always try to post about any mods that are aimed toward us females, only because there are not a ton of them and so it is nice to know about the few there are. Well, I honestly have not found that I am overly impressed with but, I really like a new theme called KillSignCarbonPink the other mods are titled; Sun and Moon SMS, Icon Shadow and Icon Glow.

KillSignCarbonPink is a very complete theme. It contains icon, slider bar, keyboard, dialer, wallpaper, system, badges, SMS Bubbles, loading screens, battery and many more mods. It is pretty clean and nicely put together. There are a few things I’m not huge on but overall, a decent theme you will want to check out. The next mod is an SMS mod. It changes your SMS Bubble to an yellow and a pearl color. The yellow sms bubbles have have a star and the pearl have a moon. It also has a star wallpaper. It sounds like it could be cheesy but, it is actually a decent design.

The last two mods are Icon Shadow and Icon Glow. These two mods affect your icon labels. If you have Kate, you already have the ability to do these two mods but, if you do not have Kate these might be useful for you. Icon Shadow adds a shadow behind your icon labels which comes in handy when you have a light colored wallpaper. Icon Glow will add a glow behind your icon labels for when you have a darker colored background…though, it does turn your icons white and then adds the glow. Also, I cannot get either mod to affect the dock icon labels. Even when I select the dock icon labels option. But, they could still come be useful for your SpringBoard icons.

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  1. Hey guys maybe someone can shed some light on a problem i just encountered, i used the new logome app from cydia and after i installed a custom boot logo ( by the way i did preview and it was perfectly fine) i turned my iphone off and now it does not turn on at all!! i tried everything from holding and pressing the home and power buttons and plugging it into my wall charger and nothing happens, i connect it to my computer and itunes says my iphone is in recovery mode that i must restore…but this is the part that kills me! i did not back up with itunes or with the app backup for cydia programs! if anyone can assist or give a suggestion please….the last thing i want to do is restore =(

  2. lol. Anybody see how cool the gears of war 2 theme is?

  3. Installer?? That’s antique
    Anyway, the screens just scream Cydia

  4. First off there are no girls that read this site…. second these themes suck!!!


  6. hey brooke =p i think this yu guys should do this. it basically makes the app for your site and u can add it to the app store. its really cool and it would be awesome to have an AIS app =p
    here is the URL

  7. Installed the logo app but never tried it think i will un install it ,so sorry cant help ya there,have installed text message tone changer,cant think of its proper name but havent seen it mentioned ,it works ok ,got the sun and moon text change it brightens it up more pleasant for the eye .

  8. hi any body help me on customize, its opening for few seconds after initialize it gets exit. i reinstalled once it started working , after i connected to net after that stopped working. im in 2.1 jailbreaken

  9. bestgirlkk says

    Hey, I am a girl and I read this site… my iPhone is jacked and I love it!!! GirlGeeks rule.