WinterBoard Mods

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard There are quite a few mods in WinterBoard today and I want to mention a few…one of which I am excited to tell the ladies about!! I always try to post about any mods that are aimed toward us females, only because there are not a ton of them and so it is nice to know about the few there are. Well, I honestly have not found that I am overly impressed with but, I really like a new theme called KillSignCarbonPink the other mods are titled; Sun and Moon SMS, Icon Shadow and Icon Glow.

KillSignCarbonPink is a very complete theme. It contains icon, slider bar, keyboard, dialer, wallpaper, system, badges, SMS Bubbles, loading screens, battery and many more mods. It is pretty clean and nicely put together. There are a few things I’m not huge on but overall, a decent theme you will want to check out. The next mod is an SMS mod. It changes your SMS Bubble to an yellow and a pearl color. The yellow sms bubbles have have a star and the pearl have a moon. It also has a star wallpaper. It sounds like it could be cheesy but, it is actually a decent design. [Read more…]