Search 1.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Search Search is an application that allows you to search for keywords in your Mail, SMS, Notes, Contacts and even on the web. When you open Search, you will notice a lower menu bar with the options; Mail, SMS, Notes, Contacts and Web. At the top of the screen is a Search bar. You can select any of the options in the lower menu bar and then use the search bar to search within that application. The thing that I like about this application is that once it has found an entry you can then select it to see the full Email, SMS message, Note, Contact etc. The Web option will search Google keeping you in the application instead of directing you to Safari so…that is also nice.

I did find that the Search is not extremely thorough. When searching in my SMS, I searched for the word “Sorry”, knowing that I was looking for a some specific text messages. It brought up three other text messages but, none of the ones that I had just look at in my SMS. Also, I searched for the keyword “Advertising” in my email and was greeted with one email when we have had a ton of emails lately with the word advertising in them. So, the search works decently well but is definitly not complete. I would also love to see more usability within the application. Like the ability to reply to an email from the app or respond to a text message. You are able to call a contact via the Contacts option which is a nice feature.

Overall, if you are looking for a quick way to search your email, SMS, notes or contacts you might want to check out this application.

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  1. shakecontrol says

    the google app that is in the appstore is much better.

    • This app is great. It searches mail and very quickly at that. The google app does not search mail, last I looked.

  2. I think quickgold is a lot better

  3. what about quickgold?? I use it and its very fast and effective so far

  4. Search and Quickgold are ok, but they don’t include searching of events in calendar. Only searcher has this feature. I don’t understand why the other two don’t add this feature. It’s my life saver.

  5. Thanks for this tip. This app is spot on for me. Very quick.

  6. ok