mAdvLock – Password Protect Applications and Sim Card…Encrypt Files

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free & $14.99  

mAdvLock mAdvLock is an application that allows you to password protect App Store, Stock and Jailbroken application as well as your Sim Card. It also allows you to encrypt files on your iPhone or iPod Touch allowing them to only be viewed within the application.

Ok, applications like these always make me a little nervous. Honestly, it is for these type of apps that I ALWAYS whip out one of the test iPhones instead of using my personal iPhone! :) So, as usual, one of our test iPhone’s was the guinea pig for this one and after some testing, I was pleasantly surprised with this application.

When you first install mAdvLock, it will respring your SpringBoard. Once that is finished, and you open the application, you will notice that it informs you that the stock password is 123 and that you need to reboot your device. So, as the app says….reboot your device! Once you have rebooted, go ahead and reopen the app (the password is 123). Now, you will see a lower menu bar with the options; App Lock, Finder, Coffer, Settings and Help. The first thing you will want to do is go into the Settings. Here you can change your password and create a little hint for if you forget your password (though, I would highly suggest not forgetting your password for this app!!). In the Settings, you can also turn on the SIM Card password protects.

Now, let’s start from left to right. The App Lock option on the lower menu bar is where you can lock (password protect) stock, App Store and jailbroken apps. It will give you a nice list of all the applications on your iPhone. The list is broken up into the two categories; App Store Apps and System App which are basically everything else besides App Store apps (stock and jailbroken). Once you have found an app that you would like to lock, select it. This will give you a pop-up asking if you would like to lock the application. If you say yes, it will change the icon to the right of the app from green to red indicating that it is now locked. Once you have selected all the apps that you would like to have locked, just close mAdvLock using the Home Button.

Back on your SpringBoard, when you try to open an application in which you have chosen to be locked, you will get a pop-up asking for the password…it is the same password that you set in the mAdvLock app. If you would like to remove the password protection from an application all you need to do is go back into mAdvLock and tap on the app…it will give you a pop-up asking if you would like to unlock the application. This feature works great for me. I tested it on stock, App Store and jailbroken applications and it worked perfectly. I was able to both add and remove the password protection with no problem.

The next two option on the lower menu bar, Finder and Coffer, work in conjunction with one another. Finder allows you to search your iPhone or iPod Touch for files. In doing so, it then allows you to encrypt the file. When you encrypt a file, it can no longer be viewed on your iPhone or iPod Touch. However, the encrypted files are added to the Coffer section of the application. In the Coffer section, you will find that the files you have encrypted are put into categories (Documents, Photos, Media and Other). When you select one of your encrypted files in Coffer, you will get the some file information along with the options to Delete, Decript or Preview the file. If you would like to be able to see the file on your iPhone again…select the Decript option.

Here is an example, I encrypted my notes.db file. So, in the Finder option, I searched for Notes and then selected the notes.db file. I was given the option to view the file (which is done right in the application), the option to encrypt the file and the option to cancel. I chose to encrypt the file. I then closed the application using the Home Button and went into my stock Notes application and it said that there were no notes (when indeed there are about six notes created). I went back into mAdvLock and went into the Coffer option. I found my notes.db file in the list and selected it. I then Decrypted it and went back into my stock Notes application on my iPhone…tada! I could see all my notes again! I haven’t had a chance to test every aspect of the encrypting…because there are a ton of things you could do with it…but, the things I have tested worked.

One thing to note is that you can only encrypt one file with the free version of the application. You can lock as many apps as you would like but, you are limited on the number of files you can encrypt. You are also unable to use the SIM password protect option on the free version. The full version of the application allows you to have unlimited file encryptions and use the SIM password protect feature. The full version of the application is $14.99. If this is an app you will use a lot…it just might be worth it. You can purchase the app within the Coffer and Settings options.

Overall, the app seems smooth and well built. I did not have any crashing problems and everything I tested worked as it should. The app also has a very nice Help section…check it out if you have any questions! And remember…don’t forget your password to the application!!!

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  1. Dustin Riley says

    What happens if you DO forget ur password can u restore?

  2. I can’t get iPod app on the iPhone to lock.

  3. just download Lockdown from Cydia its the same thing and free

    • Johnson Carl says

      lockdown need to respring!! it’s some odd… i hate respring :)

    • Lockdown doesn’t need to respring. I’ve just tried and I have to say that lockdown is better for me. Here I’ve got PIN keyboard for easier numbers input… anyway still we have to “click” launch button after correct PIN. Apple unlock is perfect, if we input correct PIN it auto proceed.

  4. PIN keyboard option would be great! Just input 4 numbers and then loced app would start.

  5. lockdown can’t lock app store apps…

    can this lock SMS?

  6. Jordan Valdez says

    One thing you might want to advise to your readers is that although the app seems to work flawlessly there are two problems with it that i have noticed. If you lock your SMS or your Pictures app there are still ways around the lock to get to the app and those are through the open Phone or Camera app, that allow you to get into those apps. So the only way to truly password protect your SMS is to have both SMS and Phone app locked and the same goes for the Pictures app have both Pictures and Camera app locked

    • oh jes thats true, but if u get a sms and push reply u can discover all sms…there is no way to protect it full..

  7. Carl-Henri says

    okay, i had this app for a free trial and now I want to buy it but can’t find it in my search option in the online store. Do you guys have any idea where and how to find it to buy it?

  8. I have lost my password Pls can some one????Thanks

  9. are u guyz kidding me $14 for this from cydia why dont u guyz but it in apple app store i would pay $20 if i cud get this from app store $14 not worth it from cydia what if cydia doesnt soon or later

    i think this app is a great app every but can u plz put it in apple app store

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