LiveClock Invisible Icon

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Clock I know many of you use the LiveClock mod. However, one disadvantage of the LiveClock mod is that it does not always match your current theme. With the WeatherIcon mod, at least you have the option for a transparent background (which I almost always use) allowing the mod to work with almost any theme. Well, we now get the same luxury with the LiveClock mod, kind of.

The ModMyi source has released an icon for the LiveClock mod called LiveClock Invisible. This basically gives you a transparent background behind LiveClock. The only thing is, there are no numbers…just the hands. It would be nice if there were actual numbers and then the background was transparent. But, I guess then you would have to back a white version and a black version so that the numbers would show up no matter your Wallpaper color. Still a mod I will probably use. LiveClock Invisible is activated/deactivate via WinterBoard.


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  1. What happened to the transparent weather icon. It seems to have gone with an upgrade.

  2. I can not find Live Time or Live Clock in Cydia also Idrums and Vending Machine Theme. Are they gone for good?

  3. no offense but i dont get it… u have a clock on the top. and another one on the lock screen. why a tiny icon as well?