Progress Bar Mods – Change Color of Download Progress Fill

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Progress Bar Mods progresscolors6 Below are a few mods that change the color of your download progress fill bar when you are installing an application from the App Store. Not to be confused with the Safari Progress Bar mod. There are a few colors available for this mod. One packages titled Progress Colors allow you the ability to to change your progress bar yellow, red, purple, orange, green, black or cool gray. Progress Colors is available through the ModMyi source and when install, adds all seven color choices into WinterBoard where they can be activated and deactivated.

There are also two other packages available for this kind of mod, one is titled Copper Progress the other is Marigold Progress. These are also available via the ModMyi source and are added into WinterBoard for activation and deactivation.


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  1. Justin Harr says

    I haven’t been able to correctly download stuff through cydia for a couple of days now. I keep on getting error messages. Anybody else in the same boat?

  2. i am having problems connecting to ispazio thru cydia
    any1 else having issues, maybe something is wrong with the server??
    I can’t get LiveClock boohoo, it’s been 2 days since i can’t connect

  3. Yea. I’ve been having issues with ispazio. I keep on getting a host unreachable message. and sometimes netNB error or something like that.

  4. iSpazio is down and on their website it says they are working on it…!

  5. Avviso: La repository di iSpazio รจ down. Stiamo lavorando sul server. Per favore non inviatemi altre email a riguardo

    Note: The repository of iSpazio is down. We are working on the server. Please do not send me any more emails about it

  6. These are cool mods but you only see them for a short while which is a shame.

    • They are available ANY time you want…. just have to search for them.

    • I mean you only benefit from them for a short while. Like only when you are downloading an app unlike a springboard theme where it is there constantly. :)

  7. thanks for the posting about ispazio i thought it was server prob.
    but I did dwnld live clock and it’s a cool mod. ported into another repo. I did a search on cydia and it loaded
    a BIG thank-U