MemTool – View Memory and Process Info

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

MemTool MemTool is an application that allows you to view your total memory usage and the processes that are running on your iPhone or iPod Touch. When you open MemTool…you will get a nice little graph displaying how much of the 128 MB of memory you are currently using. Below the graph you will also see a list of the three apps/processes that are using the most memory. If you select the Clean button…it will free as much memory as possible (in my case…16MB).

You can view all the processes running on your iPhone or iPod Touch by selecting the Processes option on the lower menu bar. It defaults to a list of processes starting with the process using the most memory and going down from there however, you can also view your processes by name or search for a specific process. If you select a process, you can end it by selecting the Kill Process option.

The third option on the lower menu bar, More, really will not do you any good unless you speak Chinese or Japanese (I’m not sure which it is). If you do go into the More option and would like to go back out to the main screen…just select the button in the upper right corner. I’m not sure what it says but, it brings you back to the main page!


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  1. Cool, I’ll have to check this out later.

    Hey, these are the same people who make the awesome (and free) iPhone PC suite (

  2. Waylonzzz says

    Yeah, the language is Chinese, not Japanese.

  3. Chinese, Japanese, they are all the same..haha..kidding..I am Chinese therefore I am entitled to make fun of myself, although I do feel that all caucasians are the same to me.

  4. What source? It doesn’t show up on a Cydia search on my phone..

  5. rje:

    Is Mem Tool stable for you? I use Free Memory from the app store, this sounds very similar, but FM doesn’t allow to close individual running apps. I might have to switch over to Mem Tool.

    • it is stable, and its way better then free memory as it is able to operate on native iphone apps. with free memory u can free up to 20mb with mem tool up to even ~40mb

  6. the button in the upper right corner under More option says “Close”
    the first option is the “About” page of MemTool,
    followed by a list a apps.

  7. 16 MG?

    nice app btw…

  8. Michael Hiu says

    It is Chinese and it is not Japanese, believed this program developed in Taiwan

  9. So this is a list from Free Memory that is running on my phone. Are some items safer to stop than others if I were to use MemTool? Can I shut down everything but SpringBoard and they will start again as needed? I really don’t want to cause harm to my phones. On my 2.5G iPhone I would think that I could stop MobilPhone without any problem because I use it as a Touch at home and only send/receive calls on my 3G iPhone.

    FreeMemory (of course)

    Thanks for any help.

  10. Nevermind… I found something better! :)

  11. Why can’t we permanently disable some of the processes, like syslogd and notifyd?

  12. Mark Pinske says

    I just wanted to let everyone know that when the bluetooth turns off, you do NOT have to reboot. Just push the button on your bluetooth device and the bluetooth comes back on!
    Great tool, I use it to turn off all of the stuff that Apple boots up with on like itunesservice etc. (need to kill that one twice) ha,, ha