MemTool – View Memory and Process Info

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

MemTool MemTool is an application that allows you to view your total memory usage and the processes that are running on your iPhone or iPod Touch. When you open MemTool…you will get a nice little graph displaying how much of the 128 MB of memory you are currently using. Below the graph you will also see a list of the three apps/processes that are using the most memory. If you select the Clean button…it will free as much memory as possible (in my case…16MB).

You can view all the processes running on your iPhone or iPod Touch by selecting the Processes option on the lower menu bar. It defaults to a list of processes starting with the process using the most memory and going down from there however, you can also view your processes by name or search for a specific process. If you select a process, you can end it by selecting the Kill Process option. [Read more…]