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ListOmni If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ve come to know me as a person who’s very interested in being organized and a big believer in Getting Things Done. As mentioned in my recent review of Organizer, I’m a pretty Type A type of guy. Lots of usage with Outlook, GCal, Toodledo, etc. So, I was excited to give ListOmni a test run to see if it would be able to earn a coveted spot in my organization regimen.

Listomni is a detailed application that allows you to create and edit numerous lists. The built-in lists include a grocery list, a to do list, a gifts list, but the program has several other lists to keep track of books, movies, cards, and more. You can create lists of your own using a generic list template, and options include backing up lists, sorting through lists, and creating budgets for lists that would benefit from such an ability.

Keeping a List of all of the Lists.
Honestly, I was blown away with the amount of options and customization that this app contains. I’m actually overwhelmed by all of the features that Listomni has, but I suppose this is better than having an app that is overly simplistic. I love being able to keep track of my grocery list on Listomni as I can check off items that we’ve purchased and uncheck them when the time comes to pick up a new carton of milk. I’m a sucker for apps that have badge counts (a la Tweetie, Facebook, Phone, Mail, and To Do) and I currently set Listomni to display the number of items that I need to shop for the next time I’m at the store.

Can you really have too many lists?
I suppose there is such a thing as having too many options. Less is more after all, and it seems that Listomni can scare away users who get lost in the myriad of lists and details that come with those lists. My advice is to just take things one list at a time, and add options as you need them or see a potential use for them. Another downside is the lack of any syncing options. You can backup your lists and email them to yourself, but if you use any web based to-do list such as Toodledo or Remember the Milk, there is no support for you here.

Due to its successful implementation of a grocery list, Listomni has earned the distinction of being my first AppleiPhoneSchool reviewed app to make it on my home page. As mentioned above, for some reason, I like having applications that come with badges to let me know if attention is needed (even if they’re not running in the background, I know…) Thus, Listomni sits alongside favorite apps such as Tweetie, Facebook, USA Today, and Sportacular. At $6.99, Listomni is not a cheap application, but given all of the features that are included, I’d feel safe in recommending its purchase, especially if you are not tied to a web based to-do list program. In comments, I’d love to hear what other apps you have decided to dedicate precious home page real estate to. You can see mine in the included pic (granted, I’m still a non-jailbreaker), but let’s hear about some of yours!

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  1. Looks like an app I’d use… now if I could just figure out where I put my iPod…

  2. Tahnya Northington says

    You mentioned Outlook in your review; do the lists that you creat in this app show up in notes on Outlook? That has been one complaint that I have had with the iPhone over my old Treo. There are “notes” in both Outlook and on the iPhone, but they don’t synch with each other, so in my opinion, they both were pretty much rendered useless when I got rid of my Treo and got the iPhone. This app sounds like something that I would use ALL of the time if it works this way.

  3. I’m an electrical student and keeping track of everything is important to me. I currently use a homework app from the app store — the name escapes me at the moment since I have the labels turned off via WinterBoard.
    ListOmni sounds like it will be worth checking out since I can back up information easier using a copy and paste program from Cydia such as hClipboard.

    Thanks for the heads up on a good app and an excellent review.


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