ListOmni – Create and Edit Lists

Available In: App Store       Price: $6.99  

ListOmni If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ve come to know me as a person who’s very interested in being organized and a big believer in Getting Things Done. As mentioned in my recent review of Organizer, I’m a pretty Type A type of guy. Lots of usage with Outlook, GCal, Toodledo, etc. So, I was excited to give ListOmni a test run to see if it would be able to earn a coveted spot in my organization regimen.

Listomni is a detailed application that allows you to create and edit numerous lists. The built-in lists include a grocery list, a to do list, a gifts list, but the program has several other lists to keep track of books, movies, cards, and more. You can create lists of your own using a generic list template, and options include backing up lists, sorting through lists, and creating budgets for lists that would benefit from such an ability.
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Available In: App Store       Price: $4.99  

GroceryZenWe wrote about GroceryZen back in May and were very excited about this application. The application is now available in the App Store and we have not been disappointed. GroceryZen is a grocery list designed how all todo type apps should be… simple. There are three tabs across the bottom: Items, Recipes, and Shop.

Starting with the Item tab, you have a search bar and a list of all the possible items to add to your shopping list. There is also an alphabet scroll bar on the right to quickly scroll to an item. If you search for an item and it doesn’t show up in the list, you can select the plus button and permanently add it to the list of choices. This makes the app customizable and personal to you. Tapping an item adds it to your Shop list. If you’d like to change something about an item, tap the edit button and you can change the title, aisle or area it’s located in the store (this comes in later with the Shop Tab), quantity, and an “Add to recipes” button. Of course you can also delete an item when in edit mode by tapping the red minus button and then tapping delete. [Read more…]

groceryZen – AppStore App – Sneak Preview

groceryZenWe recently received a sneak preview of groceryZen. This application is not yet available, it will be among those in the AppStore. However, I’m really excited about this one! groceryZen is a simple grocery shopping application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It has a ton of great features. One of my favorite features is that you can add a recipe to the application and all the ingredients for that recipe. Then, the next time you want to make a certain recipe, you can just select it and it will automatically add all the ingredients needed for that recipe to your grocery list in groceryZen. You can even add a photo for the recipe! Below are a few other features of groceryZen. You will want to check out for more information and to sign up via email to be notified when it is available! I personally can’t wait for this one!

Plan your trip in seconds – Once you have entered an item into your grocery list, it will stay. Meaning the next time you need that item all you have to do is select it!

Your favorite recipes – Here is what the list of recipes looks like. The next time you want to make a certain meal, just tap on the recipe and it will add all the ingredients you need to your list! YAY!
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