Nissho Creative Applications Free Today Through March 29th

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

logo_ichiban Nissho Creative Corp. (aka Ichiban Games) is running a promotion in which all of their application are free from today (March 27th) through March 29th. The apps include Fire Art Garden (normally $0.99), Einstein (normally $4.99) and Watts Shockin’ (normally $1.99). I have had Fire Art Garden on my iPhone for a while now and it is a game that I enjoy. I have very briefly played Watts Shockin’ and it seems like a decent app too. I have not demoed Einstein (Note: Einstein requires 2.2.1 firmware). So, if you are looking for some new games…you might want to check these out!

Fire Art Garden Fire Art Garden – “Fire Art Garden is an action puzzle game where they player slides panels around the screen to guide lit fuses to firework canons. Players complete a stage by connecting a lit fuse to all the cannons on the screen.”

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Einstein Einstein – “Einstein is a 3D action game where the player tries to get the colored balls into the same color goals by denting (touching the cells) and tilting the game board.”

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Watts Shockin' Watts Shockin’ – “Watts Shockin’ is a puzzle game designed for casual gamers and uber-gamers alike where players can race against their own best time or against the clock, rotating wire tiles to connect the light bulbs placed around the playing field with the batteries that provide the electric charge.”

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  1. Cool! I checking all of them out now