SweetMail – View Unread Mail on Your Lockscreen

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SweetMail SweetMail is an application that allows you to display your unread email messages on your lockscreen. This application has been out for a while now however, version 1.0 did not work very well so I wanted to see if it would be updated. It was recently updated and I have had a lot of requests for a review so, here we go.

Once installed, an icon for SweetMail is added to your SpringBoard. When you open the SweetMail app you get some general info about the app and the settings. To get into the settings, select the Update SweetMail option on the lower menu bar. This is where things get tricky! One of the settings is your mail server…normally this is not a problem and mail server info is easy to find….however, the mail server info for this application is different than normal. After trying a million different things, I finally ended up on the developer’s website where it lists the mail server info needed for this application!

So, I entered the mail server info for gmail – imap.gmail.com:993/imap/ssl – and my user name (my email address) and my password for my email account. With version 1.2 on SweetMail you also have a few more options including the ability to choose the display color of the text on your lock screen (the display color much be an HTML color code), the ability to turn on/off the Unread & Refresh Header and the ability to turn on/off Show ‘No New Mail.’ Once you have selected all your settings, you will need to tap the Save Settings button in the upper right corner. Then just close the application.

Now, you will need to go into WinterBoard and activate the app. Ok, here is where I’m not really sure what happens. I think you honestly just have to wait until it activate on your lockscreen. I tried turning my iPhone on/off, deactivating and reactivating the app in WinterBoard, opening my mail application, sending myself a new email…etc…but, I’m pretty sure I just had to wait until it finally showed up (which took a while!!).

Once it finally begins working, it will display the number of unread email you have and then a list of your unread emails. For each email you will see the subject of the email, who the email is from, the date you received the email and the time you received the email. The emails are just listed in a list…after about six emails…they just run off your screen. You cannot scroll through the entire list. There is however, a refresh button in the upper right corner (a blue arrow icon).

Honestly, the app is nothing to get too excited about. The Setting menu is hard to use (if you bring up the keyboard, you cannot scroll down to turn on/off the bottom two options), the mail server info is abnormal, you cannot scroll on the lock screen and you do not get much info about each email. However, if you are simply looking for a quick way to view your unread email, this might be an app you are interested in.

Remember: Check out the developer’s website for your mail server info.


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  1. Having this program and the Calendar Lockscreen would be to much to run both correct on the screen?

    You can only choose one or the other i am sure…

  2. Hey Brooke, where can I get that wallpaper? Its awesome!

  3. Sweetmail does not work with hotmail bad app real bad app

  4. Off-Topic – Does anyone know of an app that will randomize your lock screen wallpaper? that would be pretty cool…choose from a folder of wallpapers.

  5. This won’t work with HOMESCREEN 2.0 will it???