QuickLock – SpringBoard One Tap Lock Option

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

QuickLock QuickLock is an application that allows you to lock you iPhone or iPod Touch with one tap on your SpringBoard. When you install QuickLock, it will add an icon to your SpringBoard. When you tap on the icon your device will go into lock mode. I was surprised at how quickly it locked my iPhone. I was expecting some sort of delay when I taped the icon but, it immediately locked my device.

Honestly, I’m not really sure why you would need this app but, to each his own! Actually, if you are someone who is going to use this mod…let me know in the comments why you decided to…I’m interested to know. You can get QuickLock via the modmyi source.


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  1. I downloaded it to see want it was like as I was suprised at how fast it was too. I guess there will be some people out there with broken lock buttons so it is very hand for them. I think you should be able to have more than one of these icons so you can use it from multiple pages.

  2. Steve Jobs says

    It may become handy when both of your arms are in a cast and you have only one function finger to access your twitter app.

  3. iFoneGooner says

    I downloaded this app because there are times when I need to quickly lock after a call, if I need to put the Fone in my trouser pocket etc. So fast it is amazing, love it ;-)

  4. iLove my iPhone says

    for those with any broken part of their iphone. RIP *a moment of silence, if you please*

  5. my girlfriend has a 1st gen iPhone and the sleep/wake button is nonfunctional. this mod works perfectly!

  6. yeah buddy says

    It would be better if it could also apply the passcode too since I have mine set to 4 hours

  7. Is there an app for “fixing” broken ringer on/off button?

  8. Haha I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one who thought this app was actually pretty great!

    I’ve heard of people whose sleep/wake button stopped working so I bet this app will be heaven sent for them!

    Another possible use I thought was people who would like a 2nd option to lock their phones, to extend the button’s life span.

  9. Downloaded & installed it via Icy on 3.0 beta 5. It crashed whenever I opened the app, but a quick respring fixed that. I was also amazed at how quick it locked my phone. Maybe it’s not an app at all?

    Does anyone know if the 5 icon dock works on 3.0?

  10. The Digital Alchemist says

    This works great! I’ve been looking (and asking developers here and on Modmyi) for exactly this app since I JB’d my iPhone in January. I wanted this for two reasons: The arthritis in my hands makes it kind of uncomfortable to get to the button on top and I also wanted this IN CASE the button ever broke. Now I have at least two ways each to lock and wake my phone, so I fully agree with JuanKi. This along with SBSettings are my two must have programs… Winterboard is a close third.

  11. i will be downloading as my lock buttons stiff, does the app have the unlock slide function? if so let me know :)

    will be nice to quick lock as i have to press the button numerous times to lock it.

  12. so i have used this app for a while and it has been amazingly responsive. but recetly it has been having a 1/2-1 second delay and its annoying me a bit. anyone else have this porblem and know what to do.

  13. It crashes in iOS4 final !!!

  14. 3GS ios4.0.1
    Lost my power button and installed QuickLock.
    Makes every screentouch crash Springboard.

    When QuickLock is removed, my phone works again. *sigh*

  15. It just crashed my springboard.:( how can i remove it ;(

  16. drwannabe says

    quicklock made springboard crashed everytime i tap on it. but quicklock 2 works great. :)

  17. hey, at first I was suprised . I don’t know If i was the one who had it wrong here. I have IPhone 3gs , and I have broken lock button. So Instead I decided to download an app the locks my Iphone. Buutt. When I installed it using cydia. And tap the Icon , f**k my Iphone screen is irresponsive. It’s frozen. I don’t know why. But I tried Restarting it using Iphone yeta. At first the when the screen lock pop up with a wallpaper of the earth in it. It works’ then suddenly It goes back lock screen with nothing in it. Probably it your app. Sorry. I just don’t know what to do. can you help me?

    • kitmaniac says

      i had face the same problem too,
      hold your sleep button and home button together until screen is off

      (maybe it will needed 2 reboot time or more,YMMV)