1*1 SpringBoard – No Web Clips Needed.

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

1*1 SpringBoard 1*1 SpringBoard is a mod that, when installed, automatically puts one icon in the middle of each page of your SpringBoard without the use of blank icons or web clips. There are a few things you should know before installing this application.

1*1 SpringBoard is not activated via WinterBoard, it is a mobile substrate application which means there is no icon for it, it just runs in the background. Which also means, you will want to prepare your iPhone BEFORE you install this application.

If you are familiar with iNav themes, then you will understand what I am about to tell you on how to prepare your iPhone. If you need more info about how to set up your iPhone or iPod Touch for a iNav theme…please check out THIS review.

You will want to have all your apps/games in an Apps and Games folder created using Categories that way you can have only the nine icons you would like on your SpringBoard.

Once you have the nine icons you would like on your SpringBoard, you can go into Cydia and install the 1*1 SpringBoard mod. After a respring you will have one icon in the middle of each page of your SpringBoard. You can then go into WinterBoard and activate an iNav theme. If you would like to remove the 1*1 SpringBoard mod, you will need to uninstall is in Cydia. You can get this mod via the Touch-Mania Source.

Now, as cool as this mod might be, it only works well for iNav themes in which the icons are in the middle of the page. If you are using an iNav theme where the icons are toward the left or right of the screen…it will not look right.

NOTE! If you have more than nine icons on your SpringBoard, you will not be able to see them once you install 1*1 SpringBoard. Personal Example, I put the nine icons I wanted on my SpringBoard (Phone, SMS, Email, Safari, iPod, Camera, Photo, Games and Apps). I then went into Cydia and installed the 1*1 SpringBoard application. To my horror, only two of the nine icons were displayed on my SpringBoard after installing the mod. I had forgotten about the black icons that were also on my SpringBoard. To make matters worse, one of the apps that was not displaying was the Apps app which contained Cydia (the app I needed in order to uninstall the 1*1 SpringBoard mod). I thought I was facing a restore until my brilliant husband (that would be Doug) said, “Let me see your iPhone.” He then used SBSettings and added Cydia to the Dock option in SBSetting allowing me to open it and uninstall the 1*1 SpringBoard mod. Anyway, moral of the story, make sure you also remove blank icons and web clips before installing 1*1 SpringBoard. If you need info on how to remove web clips, check out THIS review.


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  1. The iNav themes are so sweet, but dang they take some setting up lol


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