AT&T and Apple Stores Opening Early Tomorrow

AT&T It seems that most Apple and AT&T stores will be opening early tomorrow morning for the launch of the iPhone 3GS. Our local AT&T store will be opening at 7:00am (normally they open at 10:00am) for pre-order customers and once they are done with the pre-order customers, they will open the doors to everyone else.

Our Apple store is implementing a different strategy. They are going to be opening at 7:00am (normally open at 10:00am) to everyone however, they will have two lines; one for pre-order customers and one for those who have not pre-ordered.

If the release of the iPhone 3GS is anything like the release of the iPhone 3G, there will be a line. Never fear, if you are in Apple’s line, they will most likely treat you to some muffins/danishes and water (at least they have for past iPhone releases).

Will you be standing in line at your local AT&T or Apple store tomorrow morning? Maybe you are even going tonight! Or, maybe, you are waiting for all the fuss to die down and hoping they still have some in stock! Let us know in the comments!

Remember: If you pre-ordered your iPhone 3GS from AT&T’s website between June 8th and the 13th, it should arrive tomorrow. If you ordered it after 13th, you will need to add an additional week or so. See THIS video for more info.

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  1. Pre-ordered and delivering to my house tomorrow. No waiting in line for me!

  2. Didn’t preorder. I’m going to wait till next month for all the fuss to be over. I always like to get customer feedbacks before I purchase electronics. Call me old-fashioned.

  3. waiting in line around 5 am
    Rockaway townsquare in JERSEY, represent!

  4. haha niceee! ill be wearing Penn State!

  5. Keith unger says

    I’m waiting right now at my AT&T store

  6. When I ordered mine from Apple got an email saying opening at 8am. Now I am seeing 7am. Not sure which is right.

    • 7am for preorders, 8am for others.

    • Guess I will get up early. Hope they move along pretty good. My wife got a 3G 16gig for the $149 price the other day and took them over 30 mins to get the sale done.

    • Actually Doug was talking about AT&T.

      If you are going to an Apple store, they open at 7:00am. They were supposed to open at 8:00am but corporate just changed it today to 7:00am. And if you are going to an Apple store, everyone gets in at 7:00am. They will have two lines; one for pre-orders and one for regular people. :) At least that is what our Apple store said when I talked to them.

      The Apple guys also said you can get through faster if you go HERE and fill out the “Get Started” stuff. I remember how long it took us last year to get our iPhone 3G’s…it was terrible. Apple’s system crashed a few times and we had a few other weird problems. Hopefully it goes smoother this time around!

    • Well that is the link I used to order mine so maybe it will be faster. Guess tomorrow I will find out.

  7. Doug, are you and Brooke both upgrading even though you said that she isn’t eligible for awhile and you are eligible? I only ask because I’m in the same boat.

  8. Im doing an early upgrade for the 16GB bc i sold my 3G on ebay. ill have to settle with paying 400 for the 16gb 3GS but its ok bc i sold my 3G on ebay for 400.. talk about barely break even..

  9. Its about 3:15 right now here in Phx,AZ I got home from work about 12:30 and just decided to pull an all nighter. Im heading out to my Apple store at 5.