Firmware 3.0 Jailbreak Progress

##ICON_NAME## The Dev-Team has updated their blog with additional information about the progress of the 3.0 jailbreak. It seems they are having a few setbacks.

”    * We have two issues that we’ve been trying to resolve:

    1. There are new 3.0 complications with if you’re on a hacktivated (unofficially activated) device
    2. There’s a bug in Apple’s new version of asr that our custom IPSW’s are tickling and causing crashes on, on some devices. (For the nerdy, the details of that bug were tweeted by planetbeing a month ago.

    * We have a workaround for #2. For #1, we’ll try our best to get it fixed but we may end up releasing a preliminary jailbreak in which YouTube doesn’t work for hacktivated devices, and then follow that up with a more complete jailbreak when we can.

So, I’m not sure when we will see a jailbreak. Sounds like they are working hard on it…go Dev-Team!

Click HERE for full article on the Dev-Team’s website.

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  1. come on dev team release it without the youtube app working at leasst we got mxtube :D

  2. well to be honest i aint found an app that dosnt work with 3.0 have you

    • Really, Doug said that WinterBoard, Cycorder, WeatherIcon, LiveClock….don’t work. Do they work for you?

    • none of the jailbreak works for me no one can jailbreak it yet

    • Backgrounder doesn’t work.

    • Do you have MMS working on the ATT network? I found different documents on how it is suppose to work and wanted to know if you have it working. I tried the 3.0 b5 with the jailbreak and could not get the swirly to install properly. The iphone would hang on its reboot.


  3. drsgfire says

    If the dev team is anything like me then they are probably mostly perfectionists. I’m sure it’s really bothering them that this problem is occurring. I personally didn’t use youtube that much…. I really like MXtube much better, but if I put my name on a release… I would want it to work like it’s supposed to.

  4. yeah i vote for just releasing it as is, even if they call it a beta. All of us who are on ATT would appreciate the ability to jailbreak.

  5. beatrixxkiddo says

    i know mcleaner doesn’t work for 3.0, anyone know if iblacklist does?

    i emailed mcleaner and they are not sure when it will be 3.0 friendly.

  6. Guess this means a delay for ultrasnow

  7. patience my niggas !

  8. I’m not on 3.0 yet. I want to be but I’m not giving up my precious hacks. Some people might make fun, but your iPhone doesnt look like mine haha.

  9. SBSettings, categories, bossprefs, docs are all ported to OS 3.0.

  10. How long for jailbreak?????cant wait…

  11. I upgraded my first gen iPhone to 3.0 the jailbreak passed and the unlock as well… Boss Prefs option to fix directory permissions made youtube work.
    most of my Cydia apps work like winterboard, categories…

    I’ll will upgrade my iPhone 3G on tomorrow I don’t want to get blocked out from my carrier.

    • so all you did was update your first gen to 3.0 through itunes and unlock and jailbreak passed??? How was that? B/c I am wanting to update but do not want to lose jailbreak or unlock if I don’t have to…

    • I actually saw on many blogs that the first gen iPhone would transfer the jailbreak and unlock if it was done with pwnage….. I tried it and it work perfectly… I can’t wait for the ultrasnow to be released.

  12. I really miss my jailbreak apps such as qtweeter, backgrounder and pandora controls… but if they aren’t going to work on 3.0 then what’s the point…

  13. I refuse to update till the jailbreak is released. I am on AT&T and swirly has been working for me since day 3 of the 3G iPhone. I don’t want to lose that to the upgrade (3.0) cause that was left out of the US upgrade.

    • Yeah I wish I would’ve read more about that before i upgraded. On the apple site it says that you do picture, video and audio mms. So I jumped on it, but oh well I’ve never been able to get swirly or any other mms app to work for me.

    • what settings are you using for swirly on 3G…I use T-Mobile on first gen iphone and swirly has worked for me since I had it, but my sister has 3G on AT&T and I can’t find any settings to use to get swirly to work on hers….

  14. I am happy to wait till the Dev Team are completely happy with what they are going to release.

    Much better to have a jailbreak that is stable than one that gives poor performance or worse, could possibly brick your iphone/touch.

    I updated to 3.0 on my 2G iPhone only to discover that i lost the unlock etc…thankfully i managed to get it working again on 3.0, only downside is that Youtube and Push notifications aren’t activated. Hopefully these will both be fixed with the jailbreak.

    I for one wouldn’t know where to start with compiling a jailbreaking program and rely on people like the Dev Team to work their magic. My worry is that all the negativity surrounding how Quickpwn is delayed and everyone ranting on about how they updated to 3.0 only because ‘DevTeam promised a jailbreak at the same time as 3.0 was released’, will result in them pulling the plug altogether …then where will we be? I don’t see anyone else jailbreaking.

    Take your time Dev Team…I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

    • so you managed to update a first gen iphone to 3.0 and still have it unlocked?? B/c that is where I am but debating on whether to update in fear of not being able to unlock

    • Yes, i managed to update to 3.0 and still have the unlock.

      You need to have iTunes 8.1 which was released around March. Put your phone in DFU mode, easiest way to do this: Ensure phone is plugged into iTunes. Power off your phone, hold Home and power for exactly 10 seconds, release power and continue to hold home until itunes recognizes it and hopefully you will be in DFU.

      Restore your phone to 2.0.0 and then Jailbreak and unlock with Quickpwn RC3. Upgrade your iTunes to 8.2 and Upgrade to 3.0 (Dont restore or you will lose unlock).

      That should be you, alternatively wait till Quickpwn 3.0 is released! (Whenever that will be?!

      Good luck!

    • His iPhones 2G so upgrading doens’t update the baseband which is why after downgrading his is still unlocked. Won’t worked with 3G. Push notification does not work over EDGE apparently (I’m not sure about this one)

    • First time i updated to 3.0 straight from 2.2 i lost the unlock. That is why i had to go through the process of downgrading and updating.

      Seemingly, you only keep your unlock if you pwned your iPhone, mines wasn’t.

  15. Cant wait…

    3.0 is coolest frameware ever.

  16. B. Rizzle says

    from Cydia, which works:
    – SSH + SSL
    – MakeItMine
    – MXTube
    – dTunes
    – xGPS
    – BossTool
    – Poof
    – Catergories
    – Liveclock
    – 5 row springboard
    – Swap Tunes
    – xGPS
    – SysInfoPlus
    – PowerTool
    – Flashlight
    – AppFlow
    – CyDelete
    – Reflective Dock – This will install Mobile Substrate and break your
    – Fontswap
    – Weathericon
    – ToggleSSH
    – MemTool
    – iFile – I highly recommend
    – CallMe
    – Respring – Must Have
    – GriP (growl for iphone)
    – xdrive
    – PDA Net
    – Five Icon Dock
    – SBSettings
    – iphonevideorecorder

    Software that doesn’t work:

    – Winterboard (Soon with proper patching)
    – Voipover3g (Soon with proper patching)
    – Backgrounder
    – Boss Prefs
    – Cycorder (Soon with proper patching)
    – qik
    – snapture
    – HP Calculator
    – Cyntact
    – QuickGold

    • Bigboss replied to my comment on his page. He says winterboard is working… i guess it’s something to do with the changes that they had to make to mobilesubstrate…

  17. toNYc311 says

    At the moment I still still using my iPhone 3G with firmware 2.2.1 jailbroken. I am waiting for my 3GS to be delivered tomorrow at work. Now here’s where I am torn. As much as I want to use my new 3GS I still want my jailbreak. If I activate the 3GS my old 3G will no longer have service. The 3GS will not have a jailbreak until the dev team releases one. I’m still deciding what to do. I may just go ahead and activate the 3GS and work on the process of selling my old 3G.

    I am an AT&T customer so I’m hoping that the dev team release the jailbreak workaround they were talking about on their blog. The YouTube issue won’t affect me since I am already on AT&T. Hence no need to unlock. But I wanna sell my old 16gig 3G with 3.0 unlocked on eBay so I will have to wait I guess. It will be weird using a stock iPhone again because I have been jailbroken from the beginning. Go dev team! But don’t rush guys. Take your time. It will be more appreciated. As for the peepz that prefer a rushed jailbreak shame on you. Quality is always better!

  18. Does one have to update a 3G from 2.2 to 2.2.1 before the 3.0 upgrade option shows up??

  19. i don’t know , dev team release frimeware 3.0 for iphone 2gen or not yet , anyone can help me please ??????????????

  20. CycoRder works perfect for me