iPhone 3GS vs. iPhone 3G Speed Test

AppleYesterday, another friend of mine with an iPhone 3GS recorded a speed test between my iPhone 3GS and Brooke’s iPhone 3G. Now Brooke’s iPhone was recently jailbroken but this is still pretty accurate.

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  1. I love the commentary…..”OH IPHONE3GS WINS!”

  2. The one app you didn’t test was Settings, which on the 3G can take as long as 7 seconds to open – sometimes longer. On the 3Gs it opens in less than 2 seconds. Testing has been done in a more scientific environment, and there is no comparison between the two devices, speedwise. The 3G is woefully outdated.

  3. What! What is this mockery! My poor iPhone. Don’t you need some sort of consent before doing things like that? That’s it I’m upgrading…contract up or not! :)

  4. Actually, whats the firmware on the other iphone? Because I am running 3.0 on the normal 3g and doing it at the same time as you for the most part.

    Maybe I will post a response video. Or maybe someone else can. I am even running a theme at the same time. The i’Elegance theme.

    The only thing I got beat on was photo’s and ipod.

    Think you need to redo this video.

    • It is on 3.0….and I would have to disagree. Every iPhone 3G S that I have seen is much faster than my iPhone 3G which is on firmware 3.0.

      I will have to see it to believe it! :)

    • I completely disagree. Brooke’s iPhone is running 3.0 firmware and was only jailbroken the night before. I will take on any previous iPhone. The 3G is Waaaaay faster.

  5. My iPhone 3G is exactly the same speed as Brooke’s. I opened the apps at the same time as you and mine and Brooke’s always opened at the same time. :P

  6. My iPhone 3g does not take that long to start apps’ I’m not sure why but I wish I could do the test.!

    • Maybe it is just my iPhone…we have three others…maybe we should test all five iPhones. Actually, only four of them are on 3.0…maybe we should do a test between all four!

    • stevey101 says

      Wow, i thought that the iphone 3G was pretty fast on opening those apps. I am on the iPod Touch 1st gen though :(

  7. AveSharia says

    The jailbreak makes that test entirely irrelevant.

    • Agreed. Get a 3G with stock OS 3.0 and re-do the test. I’m sure the 3G S will still be faster, but at least your results will be more relevant.

  8. hen again she has her dock “hidden” which takes winterboard which takes RAM which the iphone 3g has less of already so this is kinda an unfair test. Im actually realy to see how the 3gs will work once i have my 500 mods on it taking away from its copious amount of RAM. Do one of these tests bc im still torn as to or not to go and buy one….

  9. sorry about the misspelled words in the previous post. Im not an idiot, but the macbooks keyboard kinda is….

  10. iPhone 3G S – 299
    iPhone 3G – 99
    Time wasted testing against iPhone 3G – 5 minutes
    Hearing Doug act like a 10 year old on Christmas morning…….priceless…..

  11. Off topic, but where are the emoticons for 3GS?

    I can’t find them!


  12. I tested my Iphone 3G along your video and it ranked between the 3GS and Brook’s phone, well it all depends on how many apps you have installed on the phones and photos etc etc

  13. At least when you close apps both do it at same time, or close, ha !