WeatherIcon Update 2.1.3

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WeatherIcon There was another update to the WeatherIcon mod. The updated says that it adds “more 3.0 compatibility.” When I tested it, I was able to enable the Status Bar Image and Temp but, they are not aligned correctly. They are too high on the Status Bar and are only partially visible.

The update does make the app compatible with the 2.2 firmware again. When I installed the update on an iPhone running 2.2, it did not go into Safe Mode and both the Icon and Status Bar worked correctly. So, you should be safe to install it now.

I’m sure we will see an update in the near future that fixes the Status Bar alignment issue on the 3.0 firmware. Keep up the good work David!


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  1. Working on my iPhone 2.2.1 now. Although it did go into Safe Mode when I first installed but was fine after a respring. :)

  2. i got 2.0.3 on my cydia from modmyi source??

    • You need to install the source….that is the developer’s source. Check out our sources page for the url for his source (I”m sending you there instead of giving it to you here because it stays up-to-date).

      If you need info on how to add a source to Cydia…check out THIS guide.

  3. Fresh installed on my 2G and I now have an unaligned : in my taskbar and still a ? icon. Tried a couple different themes and its still like that.

  4. My numbers change,but the icon not,why?Is it need a specific theme?

  5. Stimpy5050 says

    The status bar stuff is not complete yet. I wanted to get a working version for the icon out as fast as possible. If you are still having problems on your phone/touch, install syslogd from cydia and send me your /var/log/syslog file at dashman_at_gmail_dot_com.

  6. Hi, why can not I see the clouds, rain, sun etc anymore? Previously, I was depending on the weather icon the various symbols and also seen the night was dark the icon! Do I need to adjust anything here?

    Thanks for the tips

  7. Let us be VERY CLEAR about these updates for Weathericon:

    Simply trying to download weathericon after a search in Cydia will not work. It would seem that the original source is not being updated.

    The user MUST load the David Ashman source. After this all will be fine and the updates may be downloaded.

    It took me quite a while to discover this as I could not make out why the updates were not coming through.

  8. So once I installed I could not get the Katra Weather Icon to work (ibombi – you must add another icon such as Katra Weather, Weathericon no longer includes the visuals).

    I turned it on and off and could not get Katra to work. I found a work around. I installed Katra-TICK and enabled that in winterboard and disabled Katra Weather at the same time. Surprise it was enabled and I had goofy cartoon weather visuals. I then reversed in winterboad by enabling Katra and disabling TICK. After the respring the icons were working perfectly.

  9. Ugraded to iPhone OS 3.1 on iPhone 3G. WeatherIcon now crash Springboard, used to work fine on OS 3.0.

    Are there any fix?