Voice Control – What Does it Actually Control?

Voice Control If have an iPhone 3GS then you are probably aware of the new feature…Voice Control. Voice Control is a feature that allows you the user to use spoken commands to make a phone call or control the iPod. That is fine and dandy and all but, what are the actual commands! It is hard to tell your iPhone to do something if you don’t know that what to tell it.

You can activate Voice Control by pressing and holding the Home Button on your iPhone. You can also activate it by pressing and holding the center button on your iPhone headphones. Once you hear the beep…you can start commanding. Below is a list of the available commands.


Things to Note:
    • Voice Commands uses your default language setting (Settings > General > International > Language Setting) however, you can change the language that the Voice Control uses for the spoken commands. Some languages even have different dialects and accents to choose from! You can change the Voice Control language by going to Settings > General > International > Voice Control and then selecting the language you would like to use.

    • You can turn off the ability to use Voice Control on the lock screen (for security reasons) by going to the Settings app, the General option and then the Passcode Lock option (Settings > General > Passcode Lock)….where you can then turn Voice Dial off.

    • When Voice dialing an (800) number you can say “eight hundred.”

    • Voice Control may not be available for all languages.

~ Info via iPhone User Manual.


voicecontrol1 voicecontrol2 voicecontrol3 voicecontrol4

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  1. Jedoonat says

    I have an iPhone 3G S, and I think the voice control is cool and handy at times. But, the thing I wish would be available is Voice Control settings. What I mean specifically is the seconds it takes to kick in after holding the home button. Either have settings for it or make it react a bit faster. The way it is right now, I think it’s running a bit slow. At least that’s my opinion of the Voice Control. What do you guys think?

  2. Well I have tried it and it is still buggy;

    Say play the artiest Bee Gee is replays playing the beach boys.

    Say call bob welsh it replays calling roberto warren

    This thing stinks come on Apple fix the voice commend.

  3. iLove my iPhone says

    is this hardware related cuz this sounds very software ish

  4. “Technically” it is hardware since it is only available on the iPhone 3GS. But, I agree, totally softwareish. The only thing that Apple could say is that the iPhone 3GS has more processing power and that it needs the processing power in order to run the Voice Control feature and that is why it is not available on the 1st and 2nd gen iPhones.

    • iLove my iPhone says

      in that case, do you think some one can port it over to the 3g and 2g? like someone did with the fake compass, but one that actually works.
      i also tried the new headphones with volume controll and they worked fine with audio and microphone, but i could not control the volume using the buttons on my 2g. odd, cuz that seems software to me too

  5. I like voice control, so far, the only problem that I had was when I said:

    “Play songs by Duran Duran”

    it called my Aunt Diane, haha.

  6. This is totally software. I’m sure somebody (much smarter than me) could write something similar or better.

    Sounds like Vlingo to me. I want a voice controlled Shazam though.

  7. I have a question; I have a 3G and you refer in the post to “press the middle button” on the remote?

    Does the 3GS have a defferent type of remote/headphones than the 3G? I was sure that there was only 1 button on the little remote..


  8. Steffen Bruun says

    “I like voice control, so far, the only problem that I had was when I said:
    “Play songs by Duran Duran”
    it called my Aunt Diane, haha.”

    I second that! Major problem with voice control, is that when you try to control your iPhone’s ipod, you can easily, by mistake, call people in your contact-book. Since there is no way to disable the dial/call voice commands, then make sure that you only have friends in your contacts book – and not too many ex-girlfriends :-)