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SBSettings SBSettings has been updated a few times since last night. The 3.0.2 update fixes the Free Memory feature that apparently was not working due to a copying error when packaging the file (and I thought I was crazy this whole time!). I did test this and it does work now. The 3.0.2 update also makes the app a little harder to open. This is implemented to help from accidental opening of SBSettings. You now need to swipe at least 50 pixels in order to open the app. I personally liked this change however, it seems that not everyone was as thrilled about it as I was so SBSettings was updated to version 3.0.3.

The update to 3.0.3 allows you to choose whether you would like the “sensitive swipe” or not. You can do so by going into the More option in SBSettings and then turning the “More Sensitive Swipe” on or off. If you turn it on, you will have the old swipe (where you do not have to swipe for 50 pixels to launch the app) if you turn it off, you will have the new swipe (where you have to swipe for at least 50 pixels to launch the app).

The SBSetting change log also says there is a 3.0.4 version of SBSettings that fixes a bug with the updating of the statusbar memory but, I only have version 3.0.3 in Cydia. You can see the full change log below. You can get SBSettings via the BigBoss source.

Note: I now see the update to version 3.0.4.

Change Log:
    • Fixed processes button’s “Free Memory.” IT should do something now. It has never worked due to a file copy issue in the packaging of the toggle pack. None of you have ever tested this feature so try it out!
    • Made main SBSettings window more resistant to accidental opening. You now have to swipe left to right or right to left for at least 50 pixels

    • Installed an option for the less sensitive swipe in the “more” app for those of you that did not like 3.0.2’s change. Just get to the more app, extras, and the last option “more sensitive swipe”, set it “ON” for old style and “OFF” for new style where it is harder to bring up the window requiring at least 50 px swipe. By the way, the new swipe feature in only for 3.x devices and has no impact on 2.x devises.

    • Fixed bug where statusbar memory only would update when yo oepn an app, 1 minute elapses, or when you have the date also on the statusbar. Now it will update every 2.5 seconds correctly. (I did not notice this one because I had the date on the statusbar and that his the issue).


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  1. mark boyce says

    what theme is this?

  2. toNYc311 says

    Personally I like the new swipe feature. I was always accidentally opening SBSettings. Now I am noticing less accidental executions which is a plus for me. And I keep my available memory in the statusbar so the memory update is also a big plus. Thanks BigBoss!!! These jailbroken apps just keep getting better and better!

  3. I needed to get my 1st gen 4 gb iphone replaced from Apple because 3.0 fried my wifi.

    I now am reinstalling some of the jail broken apps.

    Will I need to install Winter board and SBSettings too?
    I have the new version of SBSettings now and am very gun shy installing any jailbroken apps.

  4. i love the Smoog theme for both SBSettings and Winterboard.. Just love it :)

  5. when i did the update to the 3.0.4 my phone goes into recovery mode everytime. I have 3gs and all other versions worked just fine. Any suggestions?

  6. I can’t get it to open for the life of me…swiping the status bar the whole way…or the tap the carrier and battery way

  7. hw do you swipe the bar to open sbsettings