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  1. You can delete any wallpaper by taping the screen and selecting the trash can at he lower right. You don’t have to SSH to perform something like this.

  2. Marcelo Brazil says

    I´ve installed the Artistic Wallpaper pack, but can´t see it anywhere.
    It is not on the Settings – Background;
    or int the Winterboard.

    Anyone can help?

  3. Goonerlen says

    Yeah I’m having the same problem has the guy above? Anyone know where there downloading to?

    • Well, they are normally in your stock Settings application under Wallpaper but, these ones look like the might be packaged incorrectly because they are not showing up. I always look at them via ssh so, I didn’t realize they didn’t show up correctly in the Settings.

  4. Here’s what I did. I went to their site on my iPhone and tapped each picture. It asked if I wanted to save and I saved. It was very easy. The pictures all went to “Camera Roll”.

  5. Brooke, how do you manage to take soo many screenshots every day. Is there any app for it. I end up at home screen 9 out of 10 times when pressing both buttons.

  6. Hi guys…

    The problem here is that almost all of the image files in this package are in jpg format. One or two are actually in png fromat and do show up under wallpapers.

    I ssh’ed into my phone and converted all the jpg files into png files. They now show up nicely under Wallpaper :)

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