Balloonimals – Create, Interact With and Pop Balloon Animals

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Balloonimals Ok, I have to admit that I am mysteriously intrigued by people who can twist and intertwine balloons without popping them. Not only that but, I’m always surprised at how fairly representative they are of the real thing. As much as I am intrigued by balloon animals, I can tell you that my two and half year old son is even more so than I am! If you also have kids you love balloon animals… you will want to check out Balloonimals.

Balloonimals is an application that allows you to create, interact with and pop balloon animals. The app is perfectly built to entertain children.

The first thing you have to do is blow up the balloon. This is done by blowing into the microphone (or pressing the screen on an iPod Touch). Once the balloon has been blown up, it must be shaped. This is done by shaking the iPhone. Once the balloon animal has been created, it will interact with you! Which is seriously super cute! Each animal has a few different ways that it interacts. After you are done playing with the balloon animal, you can pop it and start over creating another one.

I always test applications for children on my children (I figure that will give me a pretty accurate assessment of the app). Balloonimals most definitely passed the test. My 2 1/2 year old son loved this app. He liked blowing in the microphone (which did take some practice to get right), he loved shaking the iPhone to create the balloon animal, he loved interacting with the animal and he liked when it popped.

Honestly, the aesthetics of the app are very good. The balloon animal are extremely well designed and the 3D graphics are awesome. The sound affects are fitting to the application and good quality (my son loves the dinosaur “roar”!).

I do have a few suggestions for the applications. First, the balloon animal needs to pop a little more quickly. My son got a little bored with tapping the button, maybe have the ability to hold down the button and watch the balloon animal grow until it pops. Second, it needs a few more animals. The app comes with seven animals (Dinosaur, Fish, Crab, Dog, Snake, Unicorn, Kangaroo). I will have to admit that my son didn’t seem to mind that there were only seven. He played the game for quite a long time and even went back to it later that night and played it for quite a while again.

Overall, a very good application that your kids will love and that will keep them entertained. Perfect for those times when a little entertainment is needed (restaurants, doctor’s offices, car rides) and makes the app worth the $1.99 price tag!



App Store Description

Beautifully rendered Balloonimals spring to life when you blow into the microphone on your iPhone or press the screen with your iPod Touch. Watch the balloon inflate and then give your phone a shake to start constructing your Balloonimal. With each shake, your animal takes greater shape until… Voila! Your Balloonimal appears and is ready to play. Pet your Balloonimal to see what tricks it can do.

Great for kids of all ages, Balloonimals is packed with an entire collection of balloon animals, including a fish, T-Rex, and unicorn – 7 Balloonimals in all.

You’ll love Balloonimals for its great features:
– simple controls: blow to inflate, shake to transform, pet to see your Balloonimal spring to life on screen!
– a variety of Balloonimals that randomly cycle through each time you play
– amazing graphics that bring quality 3D renderings and animations to your iPhone
– fun sound effects that playfully squeak, quack and roar
– no need for a clown – now you’re in control! Balloonimals make a great addition to any celebration – fun for birthdays, family reunions, or any play date!

Check out Balloonimals in action on our website:

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  1. This is the worst app that apple could have approved for the iphone and ipod touch. Don’t get me wrong…it’s a cool app that both my children love but on the practical side of things, how are you going to make an app for kids which requires them to blow in the microphone? While my daughter was blowing into the microphone, she may have left residues of saliva inside it which caused my phone to suddenly start malfunctioning after I purchased the balloonimals app from the app store.

    I took it to the store to have someone troubleshoot and they told me that they cannot replace my phone even though it’s still under warrenty because there’s been liquid/water damage.

    I know that i have not dropped my phone in water or placed it even near water so I am so ticked that they would make such an app for kids and ask them to blow in it knowing that there could be potential water damage.