Pitseleh – WinterBoard Theme (iNav)

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Pitseleh pitselehtheme9 It has been a while since I have written about an iNav inspired theme. This is due to the fact that I haven’t seen any that I have liked lately and, it takes a really nice iNav theme for me to actually install it and take the time to set it up. Pitseleh is a extrememly well designed iNav theme, one worth the 30 minutes it take to set it up! Not only is it well designed, it comes with a few mods besides just the icons. It also contains badges, lock background, sliders, dialer, calculator, dock, wallpaper, status bar… etc. You can get the Pitseleh theme via the MacCiti source. Below are the instructions on how to set up the theme.

1. Make sure you have Categories, iBlank, WinterBoard, BlankNull and Pitseleh installed.


2. Create 54 blank icons using iBlank.

2. Create both a Apps and Games folder in Categories.

3. Put all your games in the Games folder.

4. Put all your apps in the Apps folder except; Phone, Messages, iPod, Sarfari, Camera, Photos, Mail, Settings and your Games and Apps folders.

5. Put the Camera, Photos, Mail and Settings icons in the dock (in that order).

6. Arrange two rows of blank icons at the top of each SpringBoard page.

7. Put one blank icon in the third row on each SpringBoard page.

8. Put the following icons in the third row, second icon in on each SpringBoard page.
1st Page – Phone

2nd Page – Messages

3rd Page – iPod

4th Page – Safari

5th Page – Games

6th Page – Apps

9. Go into your Apps folder, open WinterBoard and select the Pitseleh theme, No Undocked Icon Labels and No Docked Icon Labels.

10. TaDa! Now you have a very cool iNav theme.
pitselehtheme8 pitselehtheme9 pitselehtheme10 pitselehtheme11 pitselehtheme12 pitselehtheme13 pitselehtheme14 pitselehtheme15 pitselehtheme18 pitselehtheme19

Is also has a matching theme for your Games and Apps folders. Follow the instructions below to theme those as well.

1. Open the Apps folder.

2. Select the “i” icon in the lower right corner.

3. Turn ON Folder Title, Icon Labels, Use background.png and Left/Right Scroll.

4. Change Rows (L/R Scroll Only) to 3.

5. Tap on the button next to Icons Themes.

6. Select Pitseleh.

7. Tap Close.

8. Select Done in the upper right corner.

9. Open Apps folder on your SpringBoard and see the changes.

10. Repeat steps 1-9 for the Games folder.

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  1. Thanks a bunch Brooke! I installed this theme and followed step by step instructions and wow it’s beautiful! I have the blog page as my home page because I love to read what you have to say. Very informative and very helpful in providing us with easy instructions on how to do things. Thank you sooooo much and keep it up! It’s really appreciated!

  2. Hi Brooke,

    How do I open Categories? It says I have it installed? But there is no icon.

    Any suggestions?

    • You probably have it hidden. If you have either SBSettings or BossPrefs installed you should be able to unhide Categories.

    • I have both of those installed but I cannot find anything about Categories?

    • Michael, you could go into Cydia and try reinstalling it. To do so, find Categories in Cydia, tap the Modify button in the upper right corner and then select reinstall. After you have reinstalled it, reboot your iPhone (not just a respring). Let me know if that fixes it or if you already got it figured out.

  3. Hi Brooke,

    That worked fine. I now have it.

    Thank you,

  4. I have a question.. no matter what I do I can install any dialer theme on my 3GS. I restore it once and still it didnt work…!! I really like this theme and specially the dialer part of it but it doesnt apply in my iphone…anybody knows why?

  5. i love these themes, there just so time consuming and then I get bored of em after a week or less! lol

  6. Couldn’t you just install the 1×1 Springboard Mod and skip all the setup steps? It doesn’t appear to be using any Spring Jumps right.

  7. will this work on 3.0?
    beause categories don´t work on 3.0..

  8. Prakash Chauhan says

    I’ve tried this and everything is fine with me except …DOCK…

    some how iPhone original dock is appeared on springboard and theme is not visible properly…

    I’ve removed all setting in winterboard and reapplied with anyother theme (which are having dock inbulit) but no luck…

    I’ve even enable “transparent dock” in winterboard but no luck…

    anyone please help ….

    thanks in advance…

    • My dock was also in front of the icons. Do you have reflective dock on from another theme that you previously had installed? I had and i had serious problems to get rid of it but then i found something in cydia called Olddock (in one word, there is also a theme called old dock) and after i installed it i was able to go into settings and remove reflective dock. After that i was able to use all the Inav-themes.

    • Prakash Chauhan says

      Hey Martin,

      Thanks for info.

      Lemme chk this and i will let u know…

    • Hey Martin,

      No luck for me… I’ve installed olddock and enabled it, also I’ve disable settings for reflective dock. Still same status. :(

    • Hey Martin,

      Its working ….

      Thanks for help…

  9. Prakash Chauhan says

    even I’d tried to install reflective dock and five Icon dock uninstalled and installed again but still no luck…pl help

    • Hey Prakash,

      Could you finally resolve the issue with the dock? I am having the same problem and nothing works to get rid of it.. Even the olddock program and disabling it in settings did not help, so I uninstalled it again.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Prakash Chauhan says

      Hi Navid,

      After installing old dock from cydia and just enabling it my problem was resolved. Recently this old dock update also arrived on cydia. Also if you have installed other dock software remove it i.e reflector etc.

      let me know if u get success.

  10. This theme is just beautiful but I’m finding the tap sensitivity of the large main icons to be very poor, have to tap many times to get them to open.

  11. hey, that theme looks amazing and I downloaded everything I needed for it but when I search pitseleh in cydia, it doesn’t appear in there. Can someone help with this problem? Thanks.

    • You have to remember that the icon is “technically” in the third row, the second icon in. So, you need to tap in that general area.

    • Prakash Chauhan says

      Check weather maccity source is there or not in Cydia within your iPhone

    • iFoneGooner says

      Exactly right Brooke, it took me a few times prodding around until you get a feel for where the original icon is, works a dream now ;-)

  12. What about the bookmarks on the home screen? They have to be deleted? They are not visible to added to a folder in categories.

  13. i don’t have point 9 on apps en games. HELP


  15. Brooke,

    Thanks for sharing this. I just installed this theme and love it. This is a great blog, bookmarked and added to my RSS reader.



  16. it is the most beautifull theme
    great job!

    just one small problem :
    on the unlock screen i still have “slide to unlock” and it not centered…the text in not all shown
    any ideas?

    • Hi, I got the SAME problem with you ! the “Slide to Unlock” keep to the right side………Anyone can help?

    • @Thomas
      i’ve installed the “Un-unlockable” and now “slide to unlock” is centered.
      i see that for this theme(1st picture – step.10), the right way would be that just the text “Unlock” to appear , so we will still have an issue :(

  17. iFoneGooner says

    I love this and Haligh but have noticed that ‘MySMS’ and ‘iTypefastr’ do not seem to be running too well with these!! Anyone else having lagging problems? Otherwise these two are awesome – top marks to the designers ;-)

  18. i’v just finish the install.
    looks great. thanks.

    btw – is there a way to put the calander in the dock zone?

  19. Was wondering > If I created a folder for “Safari” and put my most commonly used apps WILL IT WORK, or do I have to Mod in SSH ?

    Also, same here on SLIDE TO UNLOCK

  20. I installed the theme but i have this problem , my safari opens up whenever i tap anywhere on the screen… how to solve this ?????

  21. I’ve installed it it’s wonderfull theme i like it very much

    but the problem is the unlock touch & the answer touch, it open once i touch it sometimes i answer a calls by mistake :S & other time i just touch to know what is the time i end up unlocking the phone

    any advice ?

  22. i got this installed and have been loving it for the past week or so.

    i’m sure in the next few weeks i will grow tired of it, or more likely i will see something else on here i want to try.

    since this theme is much more involved than turning it on in wb, what’s the best way to get things back to normal without losing everything.

  23. I’m curious to know what this theme would look like on an iPod Touch. Would the first two pages (phone, text) just be null?

  24. What is the best way to backup everything, so I don’t have to ever go through the lengthy setup?? By the way, great theme and thank you very much!

  25. Hola,
    I am in love with this theme. I had already installed it but all of the icons are together. I did not know I had to install iblanks. I read some where I only needed 9 iblanks and a category? Do I install 9 iblanks or 54? Why so many? I want to thank you for this theme I am obsessed with it and want it on my phone.
    What do I put in the categories?

    One more thing I need to know how do you delete things from winterboard? and how do you delete icons?

    I appreciate it very much. I am new to all of this and very nervous to mess up my iphone3gs.

  26. Hey so i just finished following the guide and it was working out great till i went into winterboard and clicked the theme. When it rebooted all i had was blank screens, the only exception being that there were numbers over my texts and mail because i had unread messages
    im on a iphone original
    and ive tried restarting my iphone multiple times

    any ideas?

  27. i dig it. i use perfect web browser 2 for internet, is there a way to make that the app that the internet icon uses?

  28. hi
    thanks for the theme
    its working fine
    the folders created by categories games and app
    games folder logo has changed after applying the theme but the app folder logo is not changing its same . i have put it to last page any help which i can chang the app logo also .

  29. I did something wrong.
    The very first screen shows only 1/3 of the full screen and it only works for Safari contacts. The bottom of the spring board is working but the top “phone, text ipod web games and apps” are not working at all. I wanted to set it back to its previous settings but I don’t have access to winterboard because I don’t have access to any of the icons.
    Help me please.

  30. i have finished and i love it.

    but why my lock screen was blank, just have battery and unlock button, not similar with the pic above? anyone can help me?

    thank you

  31. hi, great theme! i just have 1 problem, on step 10 picture number 8, you have a small picture of the app folder icon along the bottom under the icons and i presume its the same for the games folder, this isnt the case when i installed it? i just have a blank space, i changed the settings in the “i” icon along bottom to the settings you mentioned but this hasnt fixed the problem? please can you help as its the last thing i need tweeked! thanks in advance

  32. i have problem with this steps

    2. Select the “i” icon in the lower right corner. ( i can’t find this “i”)

  33. Elizabeth Reed says

    I am having a problem getting the matching theme for the Games and Apps folder. When I click the i- I am not getting the same options as the picture shows above. So I went into Cydia and install a Categories Add on thinking I was missing something and that still didn’t fix it.
    Also, once you have all this setup- can you move the icons around that are in your folder?

  34. i did all the steps correct and it is done, but the last logo for the app did not appear which it is still a folder!!!!!! im working on 3g 3.1.2 any help please

  35. hi brooke
    hey how do i Arrange two rows of blank icons at the top of each SpringBoard page.

    and one blank icon in the third row on each SpringBoard page…i am stuck over here please help me out

  36. Hello. Pls help !!!!
    Inside “Apps” and “Games” Category don’t appear lower background ( its a black background), i back up original files and tried to modify some folders in ssh but no result, and i don;t know what to do. pls help tnx ‘lot. All inav theme i have this problem. app and games not showing background img ! its a black screen!

  37. Hey there! i love your site and just awesome!
    and the themes u give away too! but can you tell me one thing?? how to get that wifi icon on my status bar? can u tell me which package and repo?
    thnks a bunch and keep up the great wrk!

  38. I really love this theme and would love it better if I could get it to load properly. I’m having a problem with the main icons (phone, messages, ipod, safari, games, apps) the icons are appearing at the very bottom in the dock and I’ve added the 9 iBlanks and placed the icon on the 3rd row, 2nd in and have even deleted some other programs out of my winterboard but it still doesn’t do anything. Please help!! I’d really like to use this theme!!

  39. Hi there don’t have the games and apps big icons
    please help~!

  40. done everything but one small problem cant get that games icon(gameboy) and apps icon(starbucks etc.) tried to reinstall pitseleh still no show please help!

  41. i love the theme it its perfect but my only problem is when i open the games or apps folder it is a blank screen with the icons there is no little title and image of the apps or game icon on the bottom

  42. i did everything yo said but my games and apps main icon is not what it should be its just the basic icon that iblank sets…how do i fix that


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