Friday Night Movie Night: Apple Tablet Previews

AppleSorry we missed this last week, I was in Maryland for a conference. It was worth the wait though. There are some sweet new videos of the upcoming tablet from Apple. Of course they could be fake but they look pretty legit to me. Here’s what I’ve found:

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  1. The small keyboard showing up on the notes makes no real sense. Unless they just haven’t wrote true apps for it yet which I highly doubt. It would be even harder to get real work done then the iPhone.

  2. theiphonerocks says

    they look fake. looks like an iphone developer with the conolse on their mac to make iphone apps is just bringing up virtual iphone apps and passing them off as a tablet

  3. So fake, it’s unreal!!!!!!!!

    If this was real then how comes none of the items show in full screen??