iComplete 3 – WinterBoard Theme

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iComplete 3.0 icomplete32 Many of you may already be familiar with the iComplete theme however, it has been revamped and released as iComplete 3. The name says it all… iComplete is an extrememly complete theme that contains a mod for just about everything. We are talking everything here; icons, wallpaper, loading screen, lockscreen background, lockscreen battery, sliders, Notes app, Weather app, Calculator app, dialer, dock, status bar, SMS bubbles, loading image, page dots, Safari… you name, it’s modded. Below are a few screenshots of the theme. You can get iComplete 3 via the modmyi source.

How to Install

1. Your device must be jailbroken. (how?)
2. Make sure you have WinterBoard installed via Cydia.
2. Make sure you have the modmyi source installed in Cydia.
3. Search for iComplete 3 in Cydia, run the install.
4. Open WinterBoard and activate the iComplete 3 Theme.


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  1. I may have to reinstall Winterboard for this…

    I’ve been replacing all the images and .artwork files manually.

  2. This theme is not that good at all it just looks like google images thrown together.. you should head over to macthemes.net and do some reviews on the themes there, they are of a higer standard than these that you keep posting.. just my two cents andyway..

    • wow i mean i respect criticism but man thats just weird to say, google images and yet theres 1500 files i had to alter to make that theme and for some reason its gotten over a half a million downloads, and yes i know there are plenty of themes out there, some way more in depth and use different creative features, but no this theme was far from a bunch of images thrown together, download the file and actually go through the folders to see how much work was put into this. not to mention the keyboards that cant be themed with 3.0 but are still in the files……………. but hey i respect your opinion just throwing some change back into the penny pot………….


  3. I can’t find this theme on cydia, and I do have the modmyi source.

  4. for some reason, i cant find it at all. I updated the source and everything….

  5. I gonna try it

  6. the correct Source is the following:

    • yeah i just now saw the ad posted, the new theme update is available via macciti. and the older version is through planet iphones and the update should be in planet iphones soon

  7. Samuel M Sullivan says

    This theme is above many i have seen and used thus far, great work. However your two cents is enjoyed. I thank you for the website info as well.

    However i have to ask a question the background does not come up as shown..the background comes up everywhere else but not the icon screens is there a way to fix that? i really like this theme please help

    This web site is great and i thank you

    • there may be another theme you have checked on top of the iComplete, make sure nothing else is checked thats above iComplete in your winterboard, what you see is what you get when you install the theme, if you installed icomplete version 1.2 from planet-iphones than you have an older version of the theme, or if you have version 1.0 thats stated as just iComplete in macciti than you have an older version it should say icomplete 3


  8. OK

  9. I appreciate all of the hard work that went into this package. It is beautiful. With that said, I do not understand some of the changes from 2.0. The thatch page background for example makes it very difficult to read the embedded text. Is there a way that I can change this file? Also, some of the loading screens were better IMO on 2.0. Why the changes?

  10. i wanted to take this theme to the next level, for those who want the original or want to take both and mess with the files seperately and make a combined theme, the old and new theme are available via mac citi repo, i complete and i complete 3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,enjoy

    • Aaron,

      Great theme as always!! Its more cleaaaaan and sleek!!
      Been using your previous since I got my iphone.

      Changes are gooood! but how to change the checkered background? Text is not readable at all.

    • And also how to change the SMS background and colors to brighter colors.. Thanks!

  11. sarita anand says

    I think I complete is a great theme.I had it on it for a very long time, but when i upgraded my phone to 3.0 i cannot seem to download the original version nor can i find i complete 3………..

    help. I do want the new one!!

  12. panama_pop says

    Love the new icons.
    Is there a way to not have the background from changing back and forth between images? Also is there a way to change the light blue checkerboard background found on many of the apps?


    • Put the wallpaper you want to use in the root of your Theme’s folder and name it Wallpaper.png. Delete the Wallpaper.html from the Theme’s root folder. The HTML file is what is causing it to switch but just deleting it will cause the theme to not have a wallpaper. When you move your desired wallpaper to the root, your theme will again have a wallpaper.

  13. i like everything except for the battery icon , everything got that cool blue neon look and then u see how the battery looks, your like ummm what happen? and slider is too plain
    it gets a 4 out of 5

  14. Hey, I love this theme… Great work.

    I do have a couple of suggestions that might make it perfect, however.

    1 – The background image and color choices for the sms app may not have been the best as the do are not as clear as with the built in app, and he date/time is barely visible. Also, when clicking edit to delete some messages, it’s almost impossible to see the check boxes/radio buttons to select the messages you wish to delete. Not sure if this was intentional but if it was, it’s a bit odd. I prefer themes that looks beautiful but at the same time, the content is clear to see.

    2 – A similar problem happens with the phone dialer. When you type a number in and the contact name shows up, it’s blurry and difficult to see. Again, It would be nicer if the font/color/backgrounds would be chosen so that the content is easily seen.

    3 – I’ve had this theme installed only for a couple of hours, but I’ve noticed that the battery is wearing out faster. I imagine this is caused by the rotating background image on springboard. If this is the case, and the battery is too much, I would probably prefer to have a single, static image instead.

    Those are my 3 cents. If you were to take 1 and 2 into account and choose different colors for things where the content isn’t clearly visible, I would be a very very happy man : )

    • Never mind… I did some fiddling around and changed it myself. I have the perfect theme on my iPhone now… Many thanks.

    • lionheart22 says

      What did you do to change the background?

    • I used OpenSSH to view the iPhone’s internal file system, and I changed the background image there.

      A WinterBoard theme is simply a folder containing a collection of images (and some other stuff too). Everytime you install a theme from Cydia, a folder is created in your iphone inside root >> Library >> Themes. Thus, the iComplete 3 theme sits on root >> Library >> Themes >> iComplete 3.

      You can use OpenSSH to view and edit the contents of those folders. What I did is I took a theme I wanted (e.g. Windows 7 Advanced) and I replaced all the images I didn’t like, using images from other themes, and images I myself created. The theme I use looks like this: http://img197.imageshack.us/i/mytheme.jpg/

      I created the BibleReader icon you see there. Also, the Contacts, Messages, and Settings icon were created by me. Well, wait no, I didn’t create them – I just downloaded them from online and modified them a bit to make them fit.

      If you don”t understsand some of the stuff I said, just look it up on google and you’ll see how to do it.

      Also, check out this link from the creator of WinterBoard: http://www.saurik.com/id/9

    • HI JC just watch your theme from http://img197.imageshack.us/i/mytheme.jpg/
      Is is possible to sent me the link t odownload it?
      Very nice them uh!

  15. iComplete 3 is awesome! I just finished my phone’s jaibreak and this is one of the first things I did. Keep up the good work!

  16. lionheart22 says

    I absolutely enjoy this theme! It looks clean, streamlined and beautiful.

    I do, however, have an issue: I can’t display my own wallpaper, which includes the lockscreen, even though I have checked the settings in Winterboard for “User Wallpaper” and “User Lock Background.”

    I would just like to display a wallpaper of my choosing from my Camera Roll as I always have… Is there something I need to do differently?

    Thank you!

  17. @lionheart22 – Read my reply above. Inside the theme folder, you will find images (*.png files) named after different parts of the phone. For example, the dock image is called Dock.png, the wallpaper image is called Wallpaper.png, etc. If you have an image you’d like to use as a wallpaper, make sure the image size 320 x 480, and save it with the name Wallpaper.png on your computer. Then, just use OpenSSH to view the iphone files and copy the image to the folder of the theme you’re using.

  18. I love this theme but I don’t like the multicoloured wallpaper, but I do like the blue one, how do I make the blue one stay on all the time?
    I have found and replaced the lockscreeb but can’t find the wallpaper files


  19. Does anybody know how i just get the app icons on my phone? i dont need all the extra things but i do enjoy the pictures for the phone and calendar and things like that? anybody have an idea?

  20. I think this theme is great, but where can i request icons? I searched the macciti forum but couldn’t find anything

  21. Hi does anyone know how i could change the icons and also how i display it smaller so i could fit 5*5 layout on home display instead of 4*4 layout

  22. My icons arent showing up on my ipod for this theme anyone else having this problem????

  23. i cant instal the ful theme it shows me only half of the theme their is no lock screen and the dile numbers have not changed and most of the icons stayued the same…

  24. will this work on a 4s with 6.1.2? cant get the purple/yellow weather or the dialer

  25. thank you
    i will try to follow your advise