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BoggWords When I came across this game in our email, it totally sent me to back in the day when my sister and I would play Bloggle (ok, it was mostly just me… she would usually get mad a quit!). I remember spending many a day shaking up the letters, setting the timer and going to work find words. BoggWords is a word game along the same lines as Boggle.

The thing that sets this game apart from other “Boggle” type games are the Objectives. Throughout the games, you are able to complete objectives. Each time you complete an object, it is marked off the list of possible objectives and brings you one step closer to unlocking games.

The overall game play is simple, drag your finger across the letters to form a word. As you find words, they will be added to your score and the number of words you have found for that particular game.

BoggWords contains a nice amount of features including; the ability to pause a game, high scores (both local and global), multiplayer, three backgrounds to choose from, 4 different dictionaries (English, French, Italian or Spanish, 4 different single player game modes (1 unlockable) and 3 different multiplayer game modes (1 unlockable).

I also like that you can view which objectives you have completely and how close you are to completing the remaining objectives. I also like the single player Objective Mode where the games are timed and you have to try and complete a specific objective before the time runs out.

Overall, a simple game that has enough features to keep you coming back. If you are a sucker for word games, like I am, you might want to check out BoggWords.



App Store Description:

An enthralling word game with a lot of new game modes!
Will you find the word you need to complete the level among the thousand possible words?
Test your reflexes, your language’s skills and your cold blood.
This is a perfect game for small breaks and to play against friends in exciting challenges.

Key features:
* 4 different dictionaries! You can play in English, French, Italian or Spanish.
* 4 different single player game modes (1 unlockable).
* 3 different multiplayer game modes (1 unlockable).
* Objectives to unlock! There are more than 30 of them!
* Save your high scores online and let your friends see them!
* Publish your score on Facebook!

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  1. Very nice game! Thanks!

  2. Sanjay Amin says

    great game…i love word games…they really test your word power and keep you occupied for hours.