Promo Code Giveaway

Promo Code Giveaway Today, we will be giving away seven promo code in our twitter account… There will be five promo codes for BoggWords, a Boggle type word game (check out a review of BoggWords HERE) and there will be two promo codes for He Said She Said, a Marriage Log application. [Read more…]

BoggWords – Word Game

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

BoggWords When I came across this game in our email, it totally sent me to back in the day when my sister and I would play Bloggle (ok, it was mostly just me… she would usually get mad a quit!). I remember spending many a day shaking up the letters, setting the timer and going to work find words. BoggWords is a word game along the same lines as Boggle.

The thing that sets this game apart from other “Boggle” type games are the Objectives. Throughout the games, you are able to complete objectives. Each time you complete an object, it is marked off the list of possible objectives and brings you one step closer to unlocking games. [Read more…]