Dev Team Members @wizdaz and @MediaPhone Announce SmartScreen

##ICON_NAME## The DevTeam recently tweeted about a new application, SmartScreen. The app will allow you the ability to have multiple widgets on the lock screen of the iPhone and iPod touch. The widgets are able to be moved around using the icon moving “wiggle” feature. SmartScreen will be available in November to people with jailbroke devices. It looks pretty sweet. Check out the description and demo video below.


Today MediaPhone announced ‘SmartScreen’ an application for the iPhone and iPod touch that will allow informational widgets to be placed and used on the lock screen.

Widgets are similar to those offered by Apple’s ‘dashboard’ and they follow familiar look and feel.

The widgets can be rearranged on the lock screen by using a ‘tap and hold to move’ action that is often used by to iPhone users (when moving icons around the home screen).

The application will work on all models of iPhone and iPod touch that run OS 3.x, unfortunately due to the nature of the product it will not be available for purchase in the Apple AppStore but will be sold to customers of jailbroken phones via alternate means.

A SmartScreen SDK will be available to everyone in November 2009 but widget developers are being selected to participate in a Beta programme, if you feel you could participate and would like to produce widgets, please email and we will consider you early access to the programme.

Demo Video:

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  1. so its gonna be available through Cydia?

  2. Wow can’t wait!! Sweet!!

  3. This looks so cool :)

  4. Reminds me of the features I liked to use in Intelliscreen. I never reinstalled it because I had some headaches with that app. Hopefully this will be better experience for me. I mainly used Intelliscreen for the lock screen mods. SmartScreen looks very promising.

  5. Hi dev team its great news for all of us about new thing its cool and enjoy all thing u have provide to us share, wheather,calander, its cool.

  6. that look awesome. I like the UI of htc hero a lot and it looks somewhat like HTC hero UI and it looks awesome on iphone too. one more reason added why we need to jailbreak our iphones. Keep up with the good work dev team .

  7. So, any info on WHEN its coming?

  8. I’m hoping the jailbreak is perfected for iPhone 3GS before then!

  9. Sweet!…. Pink Nails….

  10. Probably uses lots of memory…

  11. This will be so functional. Thanks for posting the information.


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