blackra1n Jailbreak Now Available for Mac

##ICON_NAME## For those of you who prefer GeoHot’s blackra1n jailbreak to the Dev-Team’s Pwnage Tool, it is now available for the Mac. Just head over to for the download link.

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  1. At this point, I would avoid GeoHot and go for the much easier, Dev-Team JB.

    • Indeed. Since you have to clean restore to 3.1.2 before running blackra1n (unless you want to lose space on your phone), why wouldn’t you just restore to a custom ipsw and save yourself the trouble?

    • When the GeoHot exploit appeared, I naturally joined the flock and attempted the JB. It took two days to figure out a way to make it happen. In the end I started all over again and went with the Dev-Team JB from a custom IPSW. GeoHot knows how to exploit the needs of the throngs who are desperate to jailbreak and no longer want to play the Dev-Team game, and it is a game. But doing the GeoHot JB is no fun, despite the glowing reviews on his blog. The Dev-Team way is the better way, all the way.

    • Please explain “loose room on your phone”?

  2. Why is it that Geohot always seems to release the jailbreak ahead of the dev team? Does he find out how to do it and then shares it with Dev team? Why does dev team’s release always comes after whatever random color rain jailbreak by geohot.

    • My opinion on it is that the Dev Team takes time to ensure their tools work not only for themselves, but for everyone and with a high success rate. Just reading all the comments posted by people who were using blackra1n you could see how much trouble they were having (even though it is very straighforward). The two “ra1n” tools are quick fixes if you need your iDevice jailbroken that second, whereas Pwnage Tool and redsn0w (and it’s predecessors) are there for us to use now and in the future. Saying that, I wish I knew how to do what GeoHot and the Dev Team do, they’re both wonderful for the iPhone/iPod Touch community.

    • Isnt blackra1n “donate” only? ,eaning those of us without paypal cant get it?!

  3. Hey Brook,
    Do you have poll on Upgrade to 3.1 or stay with 3.0?

    Sorry about hijack these post.

  4. I think it is a matter of preference when they release it. I don’t know either well enough to make assumptions. I use blackra1n as I was not worried about being unlocked. I also used the Dev-Team version. You can’t beat the speed of blackra1n, when it works. I went through three machines to find one that would play nice (Windows Version). I had to run it from the root and make sure I iTunes services were closed. The Mac version was much easier. The dev-team 3.14 is clean and reliable and protects the baseband unlock for Ultrasnow.

    I guess it depends on how patient you are. I saw a post on the dev-team site stating that the vulnerability used was found by both parties separately. I imagine they worked the concept together and developed the tool separate..

  5. i would prefer the dev-team also, but i’ve tried to dfu my phone for over an hour, for some reason my iphone keeps turning back on after i turn it off, i’ve tried watching videos and followed instructions and im getting frustrated, i guess i am one of those desperate ones who just wanted an easy jb.. what happened to quickpwn? they dont do that anymore? i usually use quickpwn than pwnagetool.

  6. I can honestly say that Pwnagetool wasn’t as user friendly at first for me. I was blown away at the ease of Purplera1n. I wish pwnagetool was as easy. But, now that I have read the posted instructions on various websites on the HOW TO. I feel great about pwnagetool and the Dev Teams method. Eventhough I have already used pwnagetool 3.1.4 to JB my 3GS. I will keep GeoHots MAC program just in case I need it. I used purplera1n to stop my iPhone from being stuck in black screen when trying to upgrade to Custom 3.1 and downgraded using redsnow to 3.0.

  7. i used blackra1n lastnite 1st try no problems at all on the wifes 3g… i am holding off on my 3gs.. cuz i dnt have a mac and i prefer a pawn but havent found a source i trust for a custom.. we use our fons for different reasons… to each there own i guess… ive never had trouble w either of the programs but i read a lot to avoid being 1 of the thousands of turds crying about accidents

  8. I Think that blackra1n is very good – I used it because my 3gs kept getting errors when trying to get it to restore with the custom firmware – I don’t think I put it in DFU mode properly. Blackra1n was quick easy and not messing with dfu mode and restores


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