Overboard – View SpringBoard Pages Exposé style

Available In: Cydia       Price: $1.99  

##ICON_NAME## Overboard, a mod that allows you to view your SpringBoard pages Exposé style, was recently released in Cydia. If you are thinking that this app looks familiar… it’s because it does. Overboard is very similar to Orbit, by Steven Troughton-Smith, which was released last month.

However, Overboard does provide a bit more functionality. It allows the user to choose the launch method for the Exposé view (Home Button, SpringBoard Icon or SpringBoard Pinch), it allows the user to choose the number of columns displayed, it supports WinterBoard themes, it allows you to search for an app while in Exposé view and allows you to turn on/off the Dock while in the Exposé view. Overboard also seems to perform better than Orbit.

You can pick up Overboard for $1.99 via the modmyi source.


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  1. OverBoard seems much faster and more responsive than Orbit 1.0 and as stated by Brooke’s post more functionality. OverBoard has taken Orbit’s spot in my dock. We will see how this little app rivalry plays out.

  2. I agree, it works really well and has more options. Now we’ll have to see what Orbit 1.1 has to offer.

  3. Overboard is awesome! The app is worth every penny since it breaks the page limit of how many apps you can have. I now have 14 pages of apps and it runs sooo smooth!

  4. Orbit has been updated to 1.1

    double click home button support
    search page added

    I just wish there was a settings page, I can’t double click to pull up the music bar at lock screen

    • I upgraded to Orbit 1.1 to compare to OverBoard. I was crashing and kicking me into safe mode. If I tried to move any icons my Springboard would crash.
      I uninstalled. Re-Installed and then got an error that I needed to install Mobile Substrate. I goto Cydia, it says it is installed. So I Re-Installed M-Ss. And it worked better, not crashes but I have like to pages that it does not capture all of the icons on the page in the thumbnail even after navigating to that page. Orbit 1.0 would at least refresh the missing icons in the thumbnails after nav’d to that page.

      Sticking to OverBoard for now!

    • Yeah you can’t use both, it’s either one or the other, I bought overboard and had the same problem, I just uninstalled orbit

  5. Worth mentioning is that both apps is based on an idea we came up with during a FedEx day at Ocean Observations. We decided it would be fun to share our ideas by making conceptual videos and putting them on YouTube. Springboard Exposé was the name of the first concept, which seems to have inspired both Orbit and OverBoard as they were released soon after. I have tried both apps, and OverBoard is the implementation that is the closest to the original concept. Both apps is lacking the ability to show a notification badge with your combined notifications for each page though. I’m hoping for this feature in the future as it was one of the key features of the concept. It would really help give you a overlook of all your notifications.

    To see the original concept and two others, check out our YouTube page:


  6. Oh right. Losing music control on the lock screen with Orbit is not great at all! I’m sure there will be a fix soon, though. These apps are so close, I don’t see myself switching and paying again. I’ll wait till Orbit gets another update.

  7. If I would,ve know this will be on cydia app store, I would not have bought the orbit restrictec app from the app store. because I dont think apple will let orbit to have the doble click function on it. : (

    • There is an orbit on the app store? I didn’t know that. What’s worse is that orbit has been on Cydia for a while now, and the new update just added the double click functionality. You should have at least bought that.


      On the other hand, if you keep it on your dock, I find that clicking on the app takes less time than double clicking the home button.

  8. Bah.

    I know this is an old(ish) post, but since I’ve tried both Orbit (updated) and Overboard, I’ll put in my $.02.

    Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference from a performance perspective- they both seemed slow compared to SpringJumps, though they obviously add the benefit of having previews of your SB pages. While it probably isn’t any quicker, I like that Overboard loads all of the previews at once- not one at a time like Orbit does.

    So far, the only major advantage I’ve discovered with Overboard is that you can specify a 2-column preview, which means you can actually see and identify the icons on your SB pages; the obvious downside being that you have to scroll to see any more than 6 pages.

    So basically, both are better than SB, or SpringJumps or Categories, but if you’ve already got Orbit (like I did,) I probably wouldn’t dump the $1.99 on Overboard (like I did). I agree with Richard that the rivalry between the two will probably make both better.

  9. Namchi Tran says

    Hello I have a question about Overboard. I just got Overboard and like the quality of it and see I went to the Overboard springboard screen and when I turn it off and turn it back on it goes back to the regular itouch screen not the Overboard springboard screen like the application Orbit how you can go to the orbit screen and when you turn it off and turn it back on the orbit screen is still there. Is there a way or a fix to have Overboard just like Orbit when you turn off and turn back on and will be able to see the Overboard screen?

    Sincerely, Namchi

  10. i made an upgrade for springboard from ciydia and 2 hours till now making reload for springboard and at the upper searching for the network provider.
    what is that any help.
    nothing i can do with my iphone its stopped at this page
    and written there
    setting up ultrasnow (1.0.1)

  11. zecreatmecump says

    I would like to thank you both that gave me an answer but I am not to good at computor. If possible, just give me the steps to follow one after another and I’ll try, thank you and I appreciate your help a lot on this.Boulova.


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