Snappy – Launch Camera without Leaving your Current App

Available In: Cydia       Price: $1.99  

##ICON_NAME## Snappy is a camera application that allows you to launch the Camera without exiting the application you are currently in.

Once you have installed Snappy, it can be launched by tapping and holding the status bar. This will drop the Camera down allowing the ability to quickly take a photo. And by quickly I mean really fast… like wow! The app description says that it is up to six times faster than the native Camera application and I believe it.

The beauty of this application is that it can be launched without exiting your current application. So, you could be reading an email and see a total photo op… instead of closing your email, navigating to the page containing your Camera application, waiting for the Camera to open and hoping that you haven’t missed the photo op… you can just tap and hold on the status bar and voila, take a picture! After you have taken the photo you can hit the Home Button and go right back to reading your email! I love it!

You also have the ability to view your Camera Roll, delete photos from your Camera Roll, send images from your Camera Roll all right from within Snappy… basically you have similar functionality as with the stock Camera application.

Another great feature of Snappy is that it can be launched from the lock screen. In the settings you do have the option to turn on/off both access to Snappy from lock screen and access to the Camera Roll from Lock Screen. So, you could turn off the ability to view your Camera Roll from the lock screen but turn on the ability to launch Snappy, that way you could still quickly take a photo from your lock screen.

Overall, a very cool Camera application! You can get Snappy via the BigBoss source and yes, it is worth the $1.99 price tag.


Video Demo:

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  1. Yes, it’s excellent. Got it a couple of days ago and my picture taking has gone up! It’s just so convenient.

  2. Looks cool

  3. Does it work with the 3GS’ video camera?

  4. Does the app clash with SBsettings? SInce we slide over the statusbar for SBS, will the Snappy camera load by accident?

  5. Best app on my iPhone. This is the most awesome app in the world. Buy it just for the convienence

  6. Really, really nice … I have always been annoyed at how long it take to get the camera ready. This is perfect! It IS really a shame that none of this can make it to the “regular” iphone …

  7. Is there any hope in having the Send to email option for the photos?

  8. I know this is old but can anyone tell me what keyboard is being used in the video? It looks like a graffiti-like keyboard.