Tweetie 2 Update Now Available

Available In: App Store       Price: $4.99  

##ICON_NAME## The long awaited update to Tweetie 2 has finally been approved. Version 2.1 of the app has quite the change log and includes both new features and bug fixes (view the entire change log below).

Version 2.1 Change Log:
– Lists (create, edit, manage, and more)
– Retweet
– Geotagging
– Report Spam (via new API)
– Tweet stream “gap” detection
– What the Trend
– UI tweaks
– Set history=1 for
– Definitive quoting syntax
– Handle “@user/list” links
– New video options: Posterous, Mobypicture,
– Handle custom protocol schemes in embedded browser
– User Manual
– Google Mobilizer
– Custom Mobilizer
– Overlapr service
– Post ‘message’ parameter through custom API endpoints
– URL encode data sent to custom URL shortener
– Refactor Settings
– Improved accessibility
– Disable pinstripes option
– Disable “Mark as Read” when no unread
– Generated VCards now link to https
– Improved errors on sending
– Option to disable browser rotation
– Call from linked address book screens
– Improved iTunes Store links
– New protocol handlers (see for more)
– Hook for easier custom URL endpoint installation
– Image compression options
– Fix multiple browser popups
– Fix tweetie:/// style handlers
– Fix upside-down browser and image viewer
– Fix rare crash translating tweets
– Fix saved state bugs
– Fix rare conversation threading hang
– Fix TextExpander integration
– Fix problem reposting outgoing tweets
– Fix botched geotag pins
– Fix Japanese posting bug
– Fix Email conversation

Personally, I’m a Tweetie 2 user and I cannot wait to test out the update. I hope that it fixes a few bugs that have been driving me crazy since I have switched from Tweetie to Tweetie 2.


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  1. I still like qTweeter for posting updates since it’s so quick and easy and then I’ll just go to the Tweetie or Facebook app if I wanna look at other people’s updates.

  2. What about a dark theme? That’s what I want the most

  3. Anyone having trouble with logging into Twitter with this app? I just get stuck with it “Authorizing” and nothing happens.

  4. Same here.. drives me crazy!


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