GeoHot Has Another Jailbreak Ready

GeoHot was recently doing a presentation at a conference and talked all about the iPhone exploits. Be ready, he goes into some great detail about it but here’s the key phrase:

“There is also, I hinted to this a couple times, an unreleased exploit in every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in the bootrom to get code execution. And you know if I ever do another jailbreak, that’s the exploit I have. If you’ve seen I posted like a picture of 4.0 jailbroken. I posted my iPad jailbroken. All before Spirit was released. And I used like a completely different set of exploits which maybe when iPhone 4 comes out will be out.”


That’s good news for for everyone! Can’t wait for 4.0 jailbroken on my iPad and iPhone 4!

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  1. OK, I’m not a prof with this. Does that mean that OS4 is already jailbroken?

  2. I checked the DEV TEAM site and they have Quickpwn 4.0 ready for download. I tried using it to see if I could unlock my phone with it on another carrier but that was a no go. I was able to jailbrake with AT&T since I’m still under contract with them.