FaceTime Fails After 1 Minute Using 3G Unrestrictor [Fixed]

I’ve had a few people who only want to jailbreak their iPhone just so they could use FaceTime anywhere. Right now it only works on WiFi but with 3G Unrestrictor it will run on 3G and even EDGE. Every once in a while I would have problems keeping the call connected. It seemed, after about a minute, that the call would freeze and then disconnect randomly. It also seemed like it was happening with anyone and anywhere.

Well, I think I figured it out! Both of my grandparents have iPhone 4s and they live in 3G and have no WiFi so both are jailbroken and using 3G Unrestrictor while I also am jailbroken using 3G Unrestrictor. The difference for me was I was on WiFi during the calls. When I was talking with my grandpa tonight I decided I gotta figure this out! After about 5 calls, all 5 dropped around the 1 minute mark. Then I tried something crazy (sarcasm). Since I was on WiFi I thought I would try turning off 3G Unrestrictor. If you use SBSettings, you can just toggle it off before the call. Tada! I called both my grandma and grandpa again with FaceTime and had no drops!

So, the solution again. When jailbroken and have 3G Unrestrictor installed, toggle it off when making the call over WiFi. If you are still having troubles or have another fix, please let us know in the comments.

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  1. Doug,

    Have you tried leaving your home and forget to turn it back on? If you have it off you won’t be able to receive your FaceTime calls.

    Right now I’m using my3g witch is about the same thing but only turns on when I’m in a 3G / Edge area. I do also get those dropped calls or freezes so hopefully a fix is out soon.

    Tx, for sharing.

    • Not yet, just started doing this last night. Typically I turn off wifi and turn 3G on when I leave the house so I’ll probably make that part of my routine. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Great info.

    Quick question, What SBSettings theme are you using?

  3. This doesn’t fix the 1 minute problem with 3G using unrestricter on ur end does it? So one party has to use wifi if the other party is on 3G?

  4. I used My3G from ROCK, it seems to work a lot better.

    • I have tried multiple times to fix this problem. Everywhere I read on the net people are having the 1 min mark freeze.

      Justin have you paid for your app or you still in the trial period. I curious to know if i pay for the app will i get to use it unlimited. I hate to pay for something and find out it still freezes at 1 min.

      I wish someone would fix this problem. Kind of ironic that both “my3g” and “unrestricter” are having the same problem right now.

      Hope to hear some news soon!!!

    • I second that… Was using My3G demo for few days and switch back to 3G Unrestricter when heard the good news (so disappointed now). I’m going back to buy My3G.

    • Yes, I am fully paid :) Only $3.99, so it’s not too bad :)
      I don’t use it THAT much, as it uses about 3MB per minute of usage with average motion. But most of the time, I can go well over a minute with NO problem at all! I think the FaceTime fails when you initiate it on WIFI first and then switch to using My3G, I have yet to confirm this though.
      I used it when I went toDrug Mart and was looking for a movie, my brother was at home, and I was FaceTiming him at home, showing him all the movies there haha
      It worked REALLY well!!

  5. Update…

    I been searching around the net to find this solution and I could not find anything.

    I decided to break down and purchase “my3g” for 3.99. After update was finish my phone rebooted and come to find out….


    Im so pissed! I went from using it all the time, to having a 1 min mark, now to NOTHING?

    My3g is a rip off!

    I have unistalled it reestalled it mulitplie times using both rock and cydia and still no fix. So basicly there was a trail period then at the end it cuts off after 1 min. If you buy it it breaks the facetime over 3G or Edge.


    Whats even better?

    “Refund Policy
    Based on our policy of requiring a free trial of any application before purchase, Rock Your Phone does not provide any refunds after purchase. ”

    Awesome product! NOT!

    Thanks for letting me vent!

    • I got the same issue, but after enable “every app to use My3G” that seem to enable facetime then I disable “every app to use My3G” and facetime still work fine. I did able to use it over 5 minutes without any problem.

  6. willieworks says

    I have had very good luck with My3G. Stayed locked in on the freeway in Los angeles for 30 minutes straight. The other side of the call was in NY City on a wi-fi connection. 3G to 3G is a bit more halting and crashy. Bandwidth=;(

  7. I had the same problem with Facetime failing to activate, although it worked fine with My3G before. I uninstalled iPhoneDelivery and rebooted—problem gone. Facetime now activates and it works very well, either on WiFi or 3G with My3G.

    • Debbie

      I have tried to find the “iPhoneDelivery” file in cydia and have no luck. As of right now back to having it freeze after 1 min. It shows my activation is complete but still freezing. Can you help me locate this “iPhoneDelivery” file?


  8. I don’t remember installing it but when I went to Manage section of Cydia and looked at installed packages, it was there. It is “an application enabling delivery reports on sent SMS” and is in the hack-tool Section of Cydia. Hope this helps.

  9. no good here either no iPhoneDelivery file any where please help

  10. Since FaceTime over 3G was the main reason I wanted to jailbreak my iPhone 4, i feel I should share this info with the rest of you in my boat: 3G unrestrictor fails after 1 minute, no matter what I’ve tried. I uninstalled it and got FaceBreak instead. So did my friend. We successfully maintained a FaceTime call (both of us were on 3G) for over 6 minutes. It does cost $1.50 or somewhere around that, but it works. That’s all.

  11. not for me….I used it in the car and it worked flawless. Looked as good as it did on Wifi….

  12. I have my 3G on. No wifi. And 3G unrestrictor is on but call fails after a couple of seconds. HELP

  13. Failed for me everytime but when I removed my sbsettings it works fine now

  14. David Salt says

    Hey guys, Here’s what I was able to come up with. I tried My3G but facetime calls were not connecting. I uninstalled My3G and moved on to 3g unrestrictor. with unrestrictor I was able to connect to facetime calls but the quality was terrible. Very choppy and froze up every few seconds to the point where I couldn’t even make out who was on the line. After reading other people post that they were able to use facetime on 3g and it worked perfectly, I decided there had to be a better option. On a whim I decided to try Facebreak. I kept 3g Unrestrictor installed but I removed “Phone” from unrestrictor as one the 3g unrestricted apps. Then I installed Facebreak and did a springboard respring. After that I made a facetime call and the quality was great. No more choppines. It’s almost as good as facetime on Wi-Fi. Conclusion, if you’re having trouble with Facetime, give Facebreak a shot. It works so much better. I’m very happy now. :-)