New Jailbreak Exploit Working for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch 4G

Dev-Team Yesterday, @MuscledNerd (a Dev-Team member) tweeted that @pod2G had found a jailbreak exploit. Today MuscleNerd went on to say “tweet” that the exploit works on iOS 4.1. He also mentioned that the exploit not only works on the iPhone 4 but also the iPad and the iPod touch 4. So… hopefully we are getting closer to a jailbreak! @pod2g tweeted that there will be a demo available soon (which I was trying to hold out for) but I haven’t seen it yet. They did however post a wiki page for “SHAtter” – which I’m assuming is the name of the jailbreak.

MuscleNerd’s Twitter
pod2g’s Twitter
SHAtter Wiki Page

MuscleNerd’s Tweet:


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  1. No iPhone 3GS?? :(

  2. As long as it works for iOS4.1 it will work for ALL the devices that “wear” this OS.
    That is iPhone3G, 3GS, 4, iTouch 3G and 4G… the iPad!

  3. i think apple feels ok, i mean thanks to jailbraking now we have the app store and apple is happy to make hundreds of millions out of it.

  4. will this break also unlock for other GSMs?

  5. but when we will have available this new jailbreak

  6. Cool