iOS 7: Calendar

Apple’s Calendar app has a very fresh new look. Almost too fresh. I really don’t like the use of so many circles throughout the OS. You’ll see it more later in other iOS 7 apps we review. The Calendar app is very white, like many other of the iOS apps. The current day is highlighted with a red dot and days that have events have small grey dots below the date. Navigation is much easier when you get the hang of it. The year view is pretty sweet too! Check it out in the screenshots below.



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  1. Kathy Marker says

    iOS7 Calendar text is too small & font is too thin/fine for easy viewing. Unable to edit to readable text.

    • Agree with all that. Plus they removed the “List” view, which I used all the time. I’m very disappointed and I’m going to look for a different calendar app.

    • There is a setting is the Settings app > general > accessibility > bold fonts. This is for the whole iPhone though.

  2. I DON’T like the new calendar. The old calendar allowed me to view the daily list of appointments while still seeing the month as a whole. This was GREAT when scanning through the month to look for options to schedule appointments, scanning for due dates of things, etc.

    With the new calendar the back and forth between seeing the daily list and looking between dates is VERY FRUSTRATING AND VISUALLY EXCESSIVE from a sensory input point of view.

    I have had quite a few friends have the same frustrations.

    • Did you get any answers on this? The calendar is the most frustrating part of the iOS 7

      • If you hit the magnifying glass/search icon button at the top of the screen in calendar it will automatically open a search box and show you a list view of your events that you can scroll thru. It will let you scroll thru multiple days. Hope that helps!

  3. Cassie Rodgers says

    I hate the new calendar format! I want to default it to a listing of calendar events from the current date forward. To see that I have to use the search function. Then as soon as I close the calendar I’m back to the current day view. Anyone know a way to revise that view?

  4. Vaclav Sotola says

    Loved the list in the old version. The new version does not do it for me.

  5. Will Shaffer says

    What bothers me the most about the new ios 7 is the calendar whenever creating an event. Now we have to scroll through all 60 minutes to set the start and end times of the event. Ios 6 used to have quarter hour increments which made a lot more sense. I am never going to have an event start at 6:36pm, for example, and even if I did I would put it as 6:30pm with a note in the event stating the variable time. With the 60 minute selection I have to scroll endlessly to assign the start and end times for an event; this is cumbersome and laborious and I cannot find info anywhere to change it via settings etc. Please help!!

  6. I agree! the new calendar is not useful at all. I’ve heard there is a way to change to the old calendar, some app. anyone know about this?

  7. Has anyone had troubles linking their Microsoft Outlook 2013 calendar appointments to their iOS 7 calendar. I get the email with the attachment (mime-attachment.ics) but it wont allow me to link it up? Any sugestions

  8. Ron Scribner says

    Bring back the list view.
    If you are looking for an alternative, try Fantastical. More versatility and a list view.

  9. Lost all events on calendar from update. Can not enter any new events. Need help

  10. I cannot look ahead more than two years. With the old calendar, I could look up repeating events years in advance, to see what day of the week they fell on, etc.
    This new calendar is not nearly as useful. And I agree with the other posters. Bring back list view!

  11. I HATE IT!!!!

  12. Suzie Johnson says

    I want the list view back. Anyone have any idea how to or an app very similar to the iso6 format?

    • I was just as frustrated to not see the list. BUT it IS still there!! Just tap the magnifying glass on the upper right of the calendar screen.

  13. All my birthdays & events are gone why didn’t it move with it? Yearly reminders and all. I am so SAD!

  14. Not a fan of the ios7 calendar. Really missing the list view. How else do you easily see where you have time available? Also find the time setting for reminders cumbersome. Looking for a replacement but wish could just switch back to old view. Anyone bone out with an app for that yet???

  15. Mike Chadha says

    Worst operating system ever. If apple thinks that they can sell improved apps through their app store now, they are mistaking. People bought apple devices for the ease of use and brilliant design not for the design of ios 7.

  16. Hate iOS 7. Not updating.

  17. Paula Martin says

    I am very disappointed with the IOS7 calendar. I have been using it for several weeks and the changes are for the most part irritating, such as the bright red used and cumbersome with the date settings. It takes we so much longer to use it, I am looking for an alternative. Any way I can go back to the previous version? It was not so sensitive and I could read the entries I make much better, too.

  18. I hate it. I cannot figure out how to cancel an appointment. The apple is not easy now.

  19. I’m over the age of 40 and having a heck of a time reading light print on an all white background! Please take a look at a cream or yellow background and bolder or larger print for calendar additions.

    • Try going to your Settings app > General > Accessibility > Bold Text. This will make all the fonts on the iPhone more bold and helps to see better.

  20. I give out the iPod Touch in multiples to veterans who have memory and attention problems and the new format does NOTHING to help them. They really benefited from being able to toggle among the “List,” “Today” and “Month” views. Also, as noted above, it is unfriendly to older adults because of the lack of visual contrast compared to the old version. Please bring back the old version!!!!

  21. I’m a new user to the apple products and I absolutely hate the new calendar format. The lettering on a white background makes it very difficult to read. Can’t open the ‘day’ by tapping on it. Please create a fix back to the previous version.

  22. Absolutely hate the new calendar. Not user friendly at all.

  23. when scheduling monthly meetings cannot set to every second Saturday, every second Thursday, etc. MOnthly meetings go only by day of month, so unable to schedule except at each month individually. What to do????????????????

  24. I absolutely hate the calendar. I used to love the look and it was a pleasure to use. Now I can barely read it and it’s ugly!

  25. Absolutely HATE the new calendar. It is not nearly as easy to use as the old version. Please bring back the old one, or allow users to pick between the two. Looking for a better one to use, even if I have to pay for it.

  26. HATE HATE HATE the new calendar

  27. How do you add new events to the calendar??? o.0

  28. To get calendar to show dates you’ve saved you have to touch the “calendars” button & then touch the “all iCloud” button so it will be checked. Otherwise you will be saving dates but it doesn’t show up. Weird & inconvenient. I like the old calendar better too. Hope this helps.

  29. I too liked the list view. If you touch magnifying symbol it appears. Still not a fan of tiny dots too. I use Calendars+ app. Big colored notices and larger. Check it out.

  30. My calendar app doesn’t allow me to invite attendees to a meeting. The option is not there. I need that option.

  31. Patrick Back says

    It used to show the first appointment of a day on top of the screen when I tapped on that day. Now, when tapping on any day to see appointments, it displays whatever time of that day and I have to scroll down if there is anything earlier than the displayed time. I wish I did not update to ios7.

  32. I too dislike the ios7 calendar. Is there a way to downgrade ONLY the ios7 calendar back to ios6 calendar? Or has anyone found a calendar app which is similar to ios6’s? Thanks.

  33. Lisa French says

    Hate it! Having to click on each day in the month view is a nightmare.

  34. Can I still access a list of my calendar events, as I could before conversion to IOS, etc.?

  35. I hate there is no LIST view any more. Useless calendar.

  36. I just found a free APP Calendars by Readdle has the LIST and Month Calendar view. Thank God for this free app. Try it!!

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