Interface Mod

I recently ran across this mod and I think it is crazy SWEET! So, I thought I would pass it along. When installed, it will change all your system buttons/taps/pop-ups to the color you choose. This includes all your toggle options, SMS pop-ups, slider bars, badges, arrows, highlights, all the buttons in applications…etc. It is available in Black, Dark Blue (which I couldn’t get to download) , Green, Grey, Lemon (actually Lime), Light Blue (Teal), Lila (Purple), Orange and Yellow. This mod is available through the iPhoneFreakz source.

Note: Only install one color at a time and if you decide you do not like that color, just uninstall it and it will go back your stock color. I have noticed that it does make some badges and arrows look a little pixilated but it’s tolerable. Doug does not like that it changes the badge color, especially in the black Interface because it makes it hard to see. Doug and I have both installed, changed and uninstall this mod with no problem.

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