Tipper 1.2

Tipper The update to Tipper changes the application so that all the fields are customizable. You can now enter any number into the Sub-Total, Tax %, Tip % and # of People fields, instead of having to choose from a range of numbers. There is also a new Settings options. In the Settings, you can set a default Tax and Top percentage. You also have the ability to email the developer. I think if you enter a number into the default percentage fields in the Settings menu, they are supposed to default to those numbers every time you open the application. However, [Read more…]

Tipper 1.1

Tipper Tipper 1.1 makes one small but important change to the application…a change I was hoping to see in the update to this application! You can now enter a number into the Tax percentage field instead of only having the option to chose from whole numbers (6, 7, 8…). This is great because in the State I grew up in, I remember the tax was 7.5%. I tested the application using a percentage that was not a whole number and it worked great. Everything was calculated correctly. I know this is an application that I will use a ton… [Read more…]

Tipper 1.0

Tipper Tipper is an application that allows you to quickly calculate a tip, the tax, the total bill and split a bill among mulitple parties. The application opens to the main screen where you can enter the sub-total of the bill, the tax percentage, the tip percentage and the number of people you would like the bill split between. Once you have entered all the infromation, you can select Calculate Totals. This will give you a pop-up with the exact tax amount, tip amount, total bill amount and the amount each party would need to pay. The only issue I have with this application is that [Read more…]