Tipper 1.1

Tipper Tipper 1.1 makes one small but important change to the application…a change I was hoping to see in the update to this application! You can now enter a number into the Tax percentage field instead of only having the option to chose from whole numbers (6, 7, 8…). This is great because in the State I grew up in, I remember the tax was 7.5%. I tested the application using a percentage that was not a whole number and it worked great. Everything was calculated correctly. I know this is an application that I will use a ton… [Read more…]

CalcPaper 1.1

CalcPaper The update to CalcPaper does not make any visual changes to the application however, it does add a new iPhone Theme to the Theme options. Version 1.1 of CalcPaper also makes it compatible with the iPod Touch!! CalcPaper is available through the iSpazio Source.

CalcPaper 1.1 CalcPaper 1.1 CalcPaper 1.1