BlackDarkness – WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

BlackDarkness blackdarkness2 BlackDarkness is a dark theme that includes a ton of mods such as; weather theme, chat bubbles, iPod UI, keyboard, dialer, sliders, badges, dock, statusbar, 260 icons, calculator…etc. Usually I’m not a big fan of themes that change a lot of the UI but, that is only because they usually are not very good. However, I was impressed with the mods in the BlackDarkness theme…they are well designed and fit the theme nicely. If you like themes that mod pretty much everything on your iPhone or iPod Touch…then you might want to check this one out. It is available via the modmyi source.

How to Install

1. Your device must be jailbroken. (how?)
2. Make sure you have WinterBoard installed via Cydia.
2. Make sure you have the modmyi source installed in Cydia.
3. Search for BlackDarkness in Cydia, run the install.
4. Open WinterBoard and activate the BlackDarkness theme.
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