mophie Juice Pack for the iPhone 3G

I was totally stoked when I was checking out our News page (which Doug updates) and saw that mophie is working on their Juice Pack for the 3G iPhone! The Juice Pack is a really nice, sleek, battery extender for the iPhone and iPod Touch. There are a ton of great features with the Juice Pack but one of the nicest features is that you can still plug your iPhone into your computer while the Juice Pack is on via mini USB (which is provided when you purchase a Juice Pack). This allows you to sync and charge both your iPhone and/or the Juice Pack while it is on your iPhone.

Another thing I noticed is that they have stepped up the performance a little from the Juice Pack for the First Gen iPhone giving you even more battery life for the iPhone 3G. However, the price has not changed. The Juice Pack for the iPhone 3G is $99.95 and is available for pre-order. They start shipping the product on October 30th…just in time for the Holidays!!
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