Your2Face 1.0

Your2Face Your2Face is a fun application that creates a mirror image of a photo. When you open the application you will have to wait 10 seconds for it to open. Once it opens, you will see two options, Settings and SnapShot. In the Settings you can turn on/off the sound, get hits on how to use the application, see the Credits, learn more About the applications, Purchase the application and Activate it. Back on the main screen, you will notice a red vertical line. The red line indicates where the image will be mirrored. You can also turn your iPhone horizontally and the red line will flip to match. Now all you have to do is hold your iPhone up and select SnapShot. It will take a few seconds to save the image. It will then add the photo to your Camera Roll. It will save it as three images, the original photo, [Read more…]