G5 Entertainment Launches Yumsters! 2 – Puzzle Game

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

Yumsters! 2 Yumsters! 2, a puzzle game by G5 Entertainment, has recently hit the App Store. Many of you may be familiar with the PC version of the game. The iPhone game has the same concept as the PC version… drag a Yumster to the fruit of the same color to start eating.

When I first took a look at Yumster! 2, I was slightly skeptical, I was not sure that it would give me the challenge I normally look for in a puzzle game. However, after the first few levels, I realized it was holding my interest a lot longer than I had expected. The object of the game is to drag a Yumster to the fruit that is the same color as the Yumster. A specific number of fruit is displayed in the taskbar at the top left of the play screen. You have to eat the fruit displayed it the taskbar before it scrolls to the end… if you have not eaten the fruit, it will drop onto the play field. Each fruit you eat gives you coins. At the end of each level your coins are added up. [Read more…]