IntelliScreen 0.92

IntelliScreen There are a ton of new new features since I last did an update on IntelliScreen (which was version 0.84). I’m not sure how they continue to find new features to add but, they do and they are always good!! Here is a list of what I noticed.

Display Settings – The options for the Sports Display Settings are now Space Available and Never. In the previous version they were Always and Never.

Weather – You now have the option to choose between Fahrenheit or Celsius.

News – You now have the ability to turn on/off the Google API for SAfari and choose how often you would like the new feeds to update (from every minute to once a day). I also noticed that they changed how you add a news feed. There is an actual option, in the list, that says Add News Feed. Which is very user friendly. Along with that, you can also choose the title of the News Feeds that you add.

Sports – Adds the ability to choose how often you would like the sports to update (from every minute to once a day).

You are also now given the ability to choose to turn on/off the Swipe to Enable feature on the lock screen. Swipe to Enable feature is when you swipe a category on your lock screen and it automatically launches that application. You can also choose the Auto-Dim time. The options include; Default Time, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds and 1 minute. Another very cool new feature/bug fix is that IntelliScreen it now compatible with SkrewCommon. Doug loves this because now he can have IntelliScreen and vWallpaper installed! IntelliScreen is available through the ModMyiFone source.

IntelliScreen 0.92 IntelliScreen 0.92 IntelliScreen 0.92 IntelliScreen 0.92 IntelliScreen 0.92 IntelliScreen 0.92 IntelliScreen 0.92 IntelliScreen 0.92 IntelliScreen 0.92 IntelliScreen 0.92

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  1. This application just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to see what else they’ll come up with.

  2. I expressed concern about the swipe feature because it gave access to my iPhone without having to type in the password. Mario responded almost immediately with news that they had added the ability to turn that feature off.

    Great application. And great customer service.

  3. cool_guy says

    The only bug that I found is that when we use other sms app (such as biteSMS, iSMS or SMSD) as our default sms, intelliscreen will always use the stock sms… :(

  4. best app ever 4 sure

  5. lol look at all the button’s they are HOT PINK.. lol we can all tell this was tested on brooke’s phone.. hehe i love this app

  6. MaverickC17 says

    0.9 or 0.92 is not showing up on my upgrade list?????

  7. Install still throws my phone in a continuous boot loop. Tried breaking out of it with no success (=Restore :-(). Just don’t think it’s meant to be.

  8. This is really cool !

    Now you can Add your own feeds and can change the News Refresh time ! :)

  9. What is Auto-Dim Time???

  10. How do you uninstall it?

  11. dont install.92 on touch 8gb i got a blank screen and the sleep button wouldnt work lukily a manual restart worked but i wouldnt recomend it

  12. will this work in 1.1.1?

  13. Can i add sports feeds? Because i’m from southamerica and i would like some football (soccer) news.

  14. i noticed that when i was going to install the update it said that the version was going to expire june 10th. what do you guys thing would be the purpose for this. i think maybe they are gonna want to start charging for this app. maybe in the appstore.

  15. Awesome program, keeps getting better and better.
    Its about time we can use celsius for weather instead of fahrenheit
    and great job with having the option of whether or not to use the swipe function.
    Keep it up

  16. I wish they would add the option to have all the items aligned to the bottom, cause the way it is now it covers up my wallpapers main part. Besides it would be awesome to have the weather above the slide to unlock option,

  17. This is definitely one application worthy of NOT having an icon. And by that I mean 2 things: (1) that this app is really cool… worthy of installation; and (2) 3rd party app installation has its drawbacks: it fills your springboard of unnecessary icons.

    Isn’t useless to have an icon just to set every specific thing on your phone? Besides from wasting good springboard real estate, its just simply annoying. Or is it that you have your mac’s desktop full of application shortcuts? Isn’t that why Apple created stacks?

  18. hmm.. i finally installed this program…i liked my wallpaper too finally tried it….n ya its a good program…but i dont knw if i like it more than my wallpaper.. :p
    thanks again 4 a great review…i knw this works with vwallpaper but that program starts acting up my iphone everytime i install it…first updates it slowed the iphone down and the new update made my clicking sound of my iphone unlocking and locking go away….is it only me?

  19. I still have the “database error”; tried to delete and reenter mail account in intelliscreen but i could’t find this option! Any idea?? THX
    I love the weathers C option:) waiting for a battery icon or stg like in iToday

  20. The only 2 things i miss.

    An options so you can make 1 block wider. For examble the calender.., so it would fill the hole lockscreen, becides the clock.

    And then an option so you have to tap the lock screen to activate/see intelliscreen.. Then i can look at my awsome wallpaper, and tap once, and see my calender :)

    Great App !

  21. Can someone tell me why it doesn’t work for me please. Everything works untill i finally lock my screen, and theres nothing on there.Is it because im on 1.1.1 because i dont know how to upgrade jailbrake to 1.1.4 and im too scared ill mess it up.(to be polite)

    Thanks for any suggestions
    Aaron Evan-Jones

    • No need to be scared… Download ZiPhone, WinPwn/Pwnage or iLiberty+ (whatever you want) and just click on Jailbreak/Pwn and that’s it.

    • where do i get them from and i am using a mac btw…. is that a problem,, thanks for helping pal

    • MaverickC17 says

      ZiPhone 3.0
      Back up your contacts and calendar on your PC or MAC. Upgrade/Restore to 1.1.4 and stop iTunes from syncing (When I restore I usually do it twice in a row, just to be sure it is nice and clean). Close iTunes and open ZiPhone 3.0. Run “Jailbreak” NOT “Jailbreak & Activate”. About 60 secs you will be done. Very easy…

  22. I have a question: sometimes when you update an application, the installer tells me that updates an earlier version of the same application, for example just update IntelliScreen to 0.93 and Installer tells me that I upgrade to 0.92BETA, why can ?

    Thank you