IntelliScreen 0.93

IntelliScreen The update to IntelliScreen adds a new Alerts option. When you select Alerts, you will get a bunch of alert features. You can turn on/off Taskbar Icons, Missed SMS Alerts, Missed Calls Alerts and New Mail Alerts. I like the Taskbar Alert icons however, I’m not sure what I think about the Missed SMS and Missed Call Alerts. When you have a missed Text Message is moves all your stuff down and adds it below your email information and gives you the ability to read the entire text message. The missed call alert shows up as a layover over the top of everything else which I am not sure I like.

Back in the Alerts settings, you can choose the Alert Interval, how often you want to be alerted, the options are 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 minutes. Another cool feature is Quiet Time. Which allows you to choose to have the alerts turned off during a certain time of day. The final option allow you to choose how you would like to be alerted. You can choose to be alerted with sound, vibrate or flash. There were also a few bugs fixes that fixed non-English gmail accounts, the weather icon for storms now shows storms instead of sun and there were a few install improvements. The only issue I had with this update is that it took a while for everything to load the first time I went to my lock screen. It just said waiting. I have never had that happen before. However, it seems to work fine now. IntelliScreen is available through the ModMyiFone source.

IntelliScreen 0.93 IntelliScreen 0.93 IntelliScreen 0.93 IntelliScreen 0.93 IntelliScreen 0.93 IntelliScreen 0.93

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  1. I had a bunch of problems with the alert feature for the text. Like it gave me a blue screen a bunch of times. It also keeps vibrating every 1 min. (the time i choose) even though i had already seen and replied to the text message.

    • Same thing is happening to me. To stop it, I have to turn off my phone completely and then turn it back on.

    • MaverickC17 says

      It would alert me even after I had checked the messages.

  2. does anyone know if the previous versions will expire too?
    im affraid to upgrade because the last one
    said it will expire june somethin
    i dont remmeber it saying that before
    lol i dont want to lose it!

    • It said June 10th. Maybe its b/c of SDK. The real version is probably going to be apart of the App Store.

    • I do not believe this will be in the App Store, the rules would not allow for editing of the lock screen.

    • 2jason: you are totally wrong!
      Will this be in the iTunes Store?
      IntelliScreen will not be in the iTunes store as it does not conform with Apple’s current development rules. Feel free to petition Apple to make an exception. Currently, you will need a Jailbroken iPhone to install.

    • thats my guess is its gonna be in the app store or they’ll just start selling it on their own
      cause why else would it expire?
      which sucks cause it should stay FREE!
      I have a feeling most of the apps will no longer be free :'[
      stupid app store!
      I wonder if u can ssh in and mod a certain file so it won’t expire


  3. MaverickC17 says

    With the updates RC5 &RC6 the Alert changes will not take. I hit back and apply but the changes do not stay. I can only turn them off and on.

  4. The flash alert stays on even if you turn it off…


  6. This app is cool when it works right…i doesn’t display the name of my email accounts on the lock screen it just has n/a n also it messsed with my email settings with my phone…after i installed it, my phone wasnolonger able to recognizemy email accounts so becareful!!!!!!!!!

  7. It has drained my battery!!! 80% of charge gone in 7 hours?!?! it’s mad!!

  8. When is release supposed to come out? (not beta)

  9. This is, on my opinion, one of the most useful app so far, but after the RC6 update (as you all know) it’s still having the alert feature problems. Since the people of intelliborn are constatly updating, I’m sure this will be fixed in no time.

  10. Paul D. Spradling says

    0.95BETA out :-)

    Version 0.95 Enhancements:
    When Mail set to If New – Refresh Section Appears for Manual Network Fetch

    Version 0.95 Bug Fixes:
    Adjusting Mail Account Order

    Version 0.94 Enhancements:
    Choose Alert Sound
    Alert Volume will match system volume
    Russian Localization
    Battery Improvement – Must tap email refresh button to do network check for new mail

    Version 0.94 Bug Fixes:
    Swipe Launch has intermitten issues
    Alert sometimes stayed alerting after dismissed
    Display sometimes stayed partially lit after flash alert
    Quiet Start time offset shows +/- dial time
    First Install – can’t delete final news Feed
    Alert plays during call
    Alerts end iPod playlist

    Version 0.93 Enhancements:
    Taskbar icons for missed phone calls, unread email, unread sms
    Alerts for missed calls/missed SMS/unread email
    Alert types including Vibration, Sound, and Flash
    Quiet Time for Alerts

    Version 0.93 Bug Fixes:
    Fix for Non-English Language Gmail accounts
    Fix for Weather – Thunder Storms showed as Sunny
    Install improvements

  11. Paul D. Spradling says

    BTW, can anybody tell me if IntelliSceen’s taskbar icons are better than Taskbar Notifier 0.9.6-1?

  12. hello everyone