asVibra2 0.1

asVibra2 is similar to asVibra, it changes your stock SMS/Message vibrate alert. asVibra2 changes the alert vibrate to three short vibrations instead of one vibration. It pretty much adds two more vibrations to the end of the stock one. They are the same length as the stock vibration…there are just three of them. It seemed like three was a little too much for me. I think I would have been ok with two but three got a little long. this application does not add an icon to your SpringBoard, it just automatically changes your alert vibrate. To go back to the stock alert, just uninstall asVibra2. asVibra2 is available through the source.

asVibra2 0.1

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  1. KEWL!!!

  2. Hola!
    This sounds interesting, more than once I’ve had my phone in my jacket pocket and haven’t heard or felt the text message alert.
    It is now installed, now to wait got my girl to send me a msg! lulz

  3. is you install asvibra and asvibra2 will it make the three vibrations longer

  4. I installed this and now my “iToday” appz locks up???! I then uninstalled asvibra2 and iToday…then re-installed iToday only and it worked perfect?!

  5. interesting note: asvibra (i haven’t tested asvibra2, but I feel it safe to assume the same,) also increases the length of your new email vibration. Caught me a bit offguard…

  6. If you install both Asvibra and Asvibra2, will it increase the length of the 3 separate vibrations? Thanks.

  7. I installed this and it doesn’t work.
    Now, I never get any vibrations for txt messages.
    And yes, I restarted my phone.
    I uninstalled it, and I don’t get any vibrations for my txt messages.
    I reinstalled it, still nothing.
    Uninstalled it again, and now still nothing.

    Now I think I have to do a restore.

  8. Ok. Maybe this is my fault. I didn’t know I had asVibra2 (it showed as installed for some reason), as it must have been installed in a package when I jailbroke my 3g. Well, I installed asVibra, the first one, thinking that it would give me some functionality there. After installing asVibra, I no longer get ANY vibrations when my phone is locked.

    I can’t quite figure out how to fix it, as my settings on the iphone are set correctly. I’m going to have to restore my phone when I get home from work tonight if nobody can tell me how to resolve this.

    I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing helps.