MCleaner MCleaner is an application that allows you to filter your Calls and Text Messages (similar to Pysl and iBlacklist). I am using MCleaner via the iSpazio source. Like all call/text filtering applications, be sure to turn your iPhone all the way off and then back on after you install it.

The first time you open MCleaner, you will get a pop-up with the options; Register, Activate and Cancel. To use the application for the 15 day trial, select the Cancel option. It costs $19.00 USD to purchase the full version of the application. Once you have made your selection, it will bring you to the main screen. Here you will see a few options. First, we are going to look at the options down the middle of the screen which include; Whitelist, Blacklist, My Logs, Profiles, Scheduler and Settings. The Whitelist contains the numbers that you would like to allow through and the Blacklist contains the numbers that you would like to block. So, lets walk through how to use this application.
MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner - mainscreen

To add a number to the Blacklist (or the Whitelist), just tap on it. You will be brought to a page in which the all the number in the Blacklist will be listed. To add a new number, select Add in the upper right corner. You will get a menu with five options; Input Manually, Import from Contacts, Import from Recents, Import from SMS and Cancel. You will then get a page that displays the Title, Phone number and SMS Keyword for that number. There is also the option to block both SMS and/or Calls and the option to set a certain time period in which that number will be blocked. When you are finished selecting the options you would like, tap Save in the upper right corner. It will then be added to the list of all the numbers in the Blacklist.
MCleaner - mainscreen MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner

Back on the main menu, you can also view your Logs. When you receive a SMS or Call from someone on your list, it will not show up in your stock SMS application or your stock Call History. However, it will show up in the Logs in MCleaner. You can view your missed calls by choosing the Call tab at the top. It will display the number, date and time of the call. If you select one of the missed calls, you are able to call the number back or send a text to the number using the options on the lower menu bar. To view missed text messages, just select the SMS tab at the top of the screen. Here you are given the number, time and a preview of the message. If you select it, you are then showed the date and the full text message as well as having the options to call or text that number. You can go to the next or previous entry using the arrow in the lower menu bar and you can delete an entry using the delete button in the upper right corner. When on the main list of entries, you can also delete a single entry by swiping on it or you can clear all the entries at once by using the Clear button in the upper right corner.
MCleaner - mainscreen MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner

Back on the main menu, there is a Profiles option. This allows you to set-up Profiles which are used when the Profile mode is turned on (which we will talk about in a minute) and in the Scheduler option (which we will also talk about in a minute). The stock profiles include; Accept All, Block All, Accept Contact Only, Accept Contact & Whitelist, Accept Whitelist Only, Block Blacklist Only, Accept Call Only and Accept SMS Only. You can add your own profile by selecting the Add button in the upper right corner. You can also choose any profile to customize it. When you have selected a profile, you can change the Title of the profile, choose to ignore/accept Contacts, Whitelist and Blacklist, choose to Block/Accept Unknown Call, Private Call, Unknown SMS and Private SMS and you can also choose what you would like that reply SMS to say when you are blocking a call with an SMS.
MCleaner - mainscreen MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner

Scheduler is another option on the main menu. Once you select Scheduler, you can tap Add in the upper right corner. From here, you can choose the Profile you would like to Schedule…these are the same profiles you just set-up in the Profile option on the main menu. You can then select the period of time and then the days in which you would like that Profile activated. Once you are finished, select Save to go back to the list. To add another profile, just select Add again.
MCleaner - mainscreen MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner

Ok, now to the Settings option. The Basic Options are pretty self-explanatory. The Call Options allows you to Block/Accept Private Call and Unknown Numbers. You can also choose how you would like the call blocked; Send Busy Tone, Ignore the Call, Busy and Reply SMS and Mute Ringer. The Send Busy Tone option will send the call into your voicemail after one ring (you do not hear/see the call), he Ignore the Call option will ring like normal and then go into voicemail (you do not hear/see the call), the Busy and Reply SMS will send the call in your voicemail after one ring and will then send the called an SMS (you do not hear/see the call) and the Mute Ringer will display the call on your iPhone it just will not ring. The last feature in the Call Options is Reply SMS as. If you select the Busy and Reply SMS as the block mode…you can then enter what you want the SMS reply to say. Ha! It actually works…I tried it!!

The Message Options, in the Settings, allow you to Block/Accept Private SMs and Unknown Numbers. In the System options, you can set a password for MCleaner, so that every time you open the application it asks for a password. You can also choose how long you would like to keep your Logs before they are deleted and then whether you would like to turn on/off Remote Conn. Vib, Block Indicator, SMS Preview and the Fake for Wrong Pass. If you turn on Fake for Wrong Pass., if someone tries to guess your password and they get it wrong, it will open to a fake version of MCleaner. It will not have any of your information in it but, it will look like the normal application. So, it just tricks people to think they actually got into the application when they really didn’t. If you turn on the Blocked Indicator, it will display little icons in your Status Bar when there was a blocked call or text. Once you have choosen all your setting make sure you select Save in the upper right corner.
MCleaner - mainscreen MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner MCleaner

The last features on the main menu are in the upper menu bar; Normal, Profile, Sched. and Disable. The Normal tab will just run the application in normal mode…according to how you set-up your settings and your Whitelist and Blacklist. Profile mode will run the applicatio0n based on how you set-up your profiles in the Profile section. Sched. will run the application based on how everything is set-up in the Schdeuler section. Disable allows you to disable the application all together.
MCleaner - mainscreen MCleaner

It takes some time using this application to figure out all the options and settings…there are a ton of them! However, I did not have any problems with MCleaner. I only had to restart my iPhone once because a setting was not activating. Other than that, it worked great. I think I might even prefer it over iBlackList.

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  1. I know I have requested a review on this app before considering if to purchase or not.

    I felt that this app combined the features from the likes of Psyl, and iBlacklist and then some.

    Would you agree??? (nothing against those apps)

    Anyway THANK YOU for your efforts in reviewing.

    • I really like this application. I think iBlackList might have a little nicer user-interface but, I had no problems when I tested MCleaner. I had a few random issues when I tested iBlackList.

  2. Latest version is, on installer since days :p

    • However, that version is through the iPhoneCake source…I am using this application through the iSpazio source. Only because iPhoneCake develops in a different language and iSpazio is part of Community Sources.

  3. @ Brooke Have you noticed any significant battery drain when using this app? Great review by the way!! I might just have to buy this one…:)

    • It is hard for me to tell…I’m almost always plugged in but, from what I’ve noticed there hasn’t been. I will keep an eye on it and let you know.

  4. BTW, I am giving away one legit for it and few other apps currently on my blog every week. So, if anyone wants free license for apps like voice dial, intelliscreen premium and MCleaner, visit there. I hope you won’t mind me posting about it here…

    • What do you mean “if anyone wants a free license”…I would LOVE a license for “Intelliscreen”! There is no link to u tho??? Thanx.

    • avicenna says

      Hi sayan
      can you tell me please …how and where should i vist as to get free license for voice dial and MCleaner ????

  5. click my name for the link

    • avicenna says

      Hi sayan
      i click on your name , but there is no free license on your page, can you tell me exactly step by step , what should i do to get free license please , thanks.

  6. MCleaner is really nice, I prefer this app much more than iBlacklist. Tons of options and it has worked for me without incident.

  7. The license is legit. A giveaway will start in 2 days and will go on for a week. Only one random person will get the license by posting in the post to start, will be stickied too. You can spread the word if you like!

  8. tried to find, but couldn’t. How can i get it

  9. got it, now I’m goning to test this baby out. I’ll send you a review

  10. Dear Sayam,
    My name is paullu and I work for the developer of MCleaner.
    While we appreciate you featuring our product on your website, we would ask that you remove the link to the download for the full application. As we make a 15-Day Free Evaluation version of the application available, we believe that making the full application available for download for free is entirely unacceptable and greatly inhibits our ability to do business.
    We would appreciate if this file was taken down immediately.Please feel free to link directly to the 15-Day Evaluation Version.
    Best regards,

  11. Marto2020 says

    I don’t know, why tell me that the validation code is illegal :(
    I follow the step, in the Mccleaner page, and they send me a code, but doesn’t work..
    Somebody have any idea?
    Thanks a lot

  12. Where i can find MCLEANER for 2.0 soft???

  13. MCleaner v1.5.0 for iPhone 2.0/3G Firmware Released!

    How to install MCleaner v1.5.0 on iPhoneOS 2.0:
    1) Jailbroken iPhone (3G iPhone)
    2) Launch Cydia, and Choose the Utilities Category
    3) Choose MCleaner and Install

  14. is anyone else having any problems with mcleaner 1.5.2? i did the upgrade and now my phone crashes… after the update it says restart springboard and when i restart springboard or at least try all it does is show the loading sign that it does and stays there.. and freezes. ive had to restore my phone 4 times just yesterday… and im restoring right now as i type this.. i thought it was a problem with my phone but this is only happening when i install the new 1.5.2 updated mcleaner

  15. is anyone having problems with mcleaner 1.5.2? when i did the update it crashed/froze my phone i had to restore it (4 times just yesterday) and 1 time as i type this.

  16. there is something wrong with the install source of cydia, now please try to download it from cydia again, and to see whether it works well.

  17. Seriously, the only reason that I haven’t got the 3G, is because I can’t find this app on 3G. — This app works perfectly, and is a must have!

  18. Good

  19. I have problem with the mcleaner version1.8.2 I made a call after that I hang up the screen is freeze and warn springboard crash. I’m using iPhone 4 os 4.2.1