RemindYou 1.2-1

RemindYou Well guys, I don’t know what you tell you about this application…I seriously cannot get it to work on my iPhone. Doug used to be able to get it to work but, now it just makes his lock screen go black. There are do not appear to be any visual changes on the Settings menu of the application, with the update to version 1.2-1. You will have to let me know in the comment if this application works for you. RemindYou is available through the BigBoss source.

RemindYou 1.2-1

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  1. ConfusiousNeverHadAniPhone says

    Hi Guys, I up-dated to this version just a while ago and it is working fine for me. Not sure what the differences are yet as I only installed it two days ago in any event!! – still 20 days to go to the next installment of apple mobile phone domination ;-)

  2. This update was to just fix a couple small bugs.

    As for it not working…
    We have emailed you to try and get some information about how/why it doesn’t work for you and we have not heard back.

    You guys are the only people that seem to not be able to get it working.

    We would be happy to try and solve any issues you are having.
    You can email me directly at the email I used to post this comment.


    • Hey Dallas…yeah, I don’t know what the deal is. We emailed you back and got this reply “Delivery to the following recipient has been delayed” and then we did not receive anything after that. Totally email me…we will get it worked out!

  3. videoflyer says

    I find that it does what it says it’ll do…and that that’s a good thing because I can’t launch the app for changing any of the settings. It just keeps crashing back to Springboard on my 1.1.1 phone. Unless some things get ironed out, there’s no way I’ll be purchasing this app – especially at $20.

    Having used it for a day or two now, I can more fully appreciate the drawbacks to it’s method (that is, actually drawing the text onto the wallpaper graphic). Having all that text visible behind other stuff like the phonecall control pad makes for a VERY cluttered screen. My initial attraction to this app was due to the fact that it looked very UN-cluttered on the lock screen. I’d love to see app implemented as an overlay on the lock screen instead. A scrollable overlay would be even sweeter. But I should never have to see all that stuff on the screen anywhere other than on the lock screen.

    Anyway, those are my first impressions…

  4. After I downloaded RemindYou, my phone crashed, it restarting by itself every few minites and you can’t even restart your Iphone by yoyr self, I’m not shure what is the couse but it strated 1 day after install.