Dev Team has Jailbroke 2.0

Not available yet but looks like it’s been done. See more here: Screenshots below.

Update via Brooke: :)
Well, it has been said that the Dev Team has jailbroken firmware 2.0. It is not available yet and we have definitly not tested it. So, if you are someone who wants to keep your current jailbroken applications, has an iPhone that is fake activated or has an unlocked iPhone….DO NOT UPDATE TO 2.0. As Doug mentioned earlier today in his article Warning – Read This Before Upgrading to Firmware 2.0 if you upgrade, you will lose your jailbreak and your iPhone will no longer be unlocked. If it was fake activated…it will pretty much be useless, you wouldn’t even be able to get to the SpringBoard (though, you could make an emergency call with it!). Also, even though 2.0 has been jailbroke…many of the jailbroke applications will have to be rewritten to work on the 2.0 firmware (see THIS post). All in all you may want to hang on to your 1.1.4 (or below) jailbroken iPhone for a little longer…at least until things become a little more solid and we can test them out for you. That way you do not break your iPhone…we break ours!

Note: If you have accidentally upgraded…see BigBoss’s tutorial on how to downgrade from 2.0 to 1.1.4. You can get it HERE.

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  1. firmware 2.0 has only been “released” for a couple hours now and its already jailbroken? kudos to the dev team!

  2. ha this is awesome. Does anyone know if it still runs pre-2.0 apps from installer?

    • of course it doesnt. No apps worked between any previous firmware, this is a major change what makes u think they would

  3. Wonderfull… I cant just wait to see it in action.

    Thanks Dev-Team… you all did it once again.

  4. but how can we use the apps in installer if they won’t tun on 2.0

    • Lewis England says

      Developers will have to re-write all apps to be able to work in the new filesystem. I used the custom 2.0 firmware ages ago (before they let us loose with app store) and it looks very different. It will take a while before major apps are re-written. All we have to do is wait…

  5. That’s amazing work. I just can’t wait for it to be released :-)

  6. Thanks for the awesome news Douglas :)

  7. i cant waiiiit

  8. so i have my jailbroken 1.1.4 iphone with installer
    if i restore my iphone and get the firmware 2.0
    and shift click restore thing ill have 2.0
    and when will the jailbreak be available?


    Check out the time stamp on the post with the screenshots. It’s more than a couple hours older than the first copies of 5A347 appeared on apples servers, meaning they were not taken with the firmware that apple will be pushing out to everyone.

    They were likely taken with a beta that was able to be jailbroken, and I think their main purpose was to demonstrate a working App Store.

    But, as far as anyone knows the official firmware image that apple will be pushing out to everyone HAS NOT BEEN JAILBROKEN

    • Yeah. Its true. I saw on some blog that people just realized that the jailbroken build is 1 build older than the one distributed.

      But, anyways, We’ll see Pwnage Tool 1.2 in a few hours… :)

  10. would like to point out that just a little snooping and I found the applications folder under mobile applications on a mac and the apps are in .ipa format. In theory, we could just add installer into the folder is we could convert the format from .app to .ipa. If im wrong tell me but I feel like the folder being exposed should make it possible for us to add third party into that folder then therefore into iTunes.

  11. I just got 10 apps, so I looked on my PC (not mac) they are in the itunes folder under apps, anyhow I found you can unzip them and wala they were all app folders, so I ssh into my 1.14 the folders of the apps I wanted to try, did 0755 permissions, respring phone, and it was on my springboard, BUT when you clikc the app it opens and closes so I guess the new apps wont work on 1.14 but it was worth the try:)

    • Lewis England says

      I tried doing that with installer, SSH from my 1.1.4 iPod, restored to 2.0 custom, then SSHed installer back again. Opened and crashed. Decided it’s better to keept o the old 1.1.4.

  12. Dave (another jaja) says

    Hi, if I have my iphone 1.1.3 jailbroken, and I update to 2.0, this means that I will have the new features included? and my iphone will turn into an iphone 3G???
    I wanted to know because if the 2.0 can be jailbroken and you can install the installer that sounds like a good idea.

    • Cristiano says

      Your current iPhone won’t be an iPhone 3G, it still uses EDGE so basically EDGE is just slower internet service and 3G is faster that is all everything us when you upgrade your current iPhone to the 2.0 firmware will have all the new apps like AppStore, Push Service ect. The only thing your missing which you would have to buy the new iphone for cause its a hardware issue not software is the 3G internet speed. Though don’t upgrade yet until Dev’s have confirmed it is ok to upgrade to 2.0 and all your apps will still work just be patient the way things go I bet it won’t take more then a week but maybe 2 weeks to be sure depends how hard it is to crack but seems that jailbreaking the firmware just keeps getting easier.

    • The new 3G iPhones also have a built-in GPS that the old ones do not.

    • Dave (another jaja) says

      Thanks, now I have another question jeje, I upgraded my itunes (mac) to 7.7, my question is, if I connect my iphone to sinc music, it can be locked??
      Let me know if you don’t understand

  13. :-D :-) :-) YAY!!!

  14. Dave (another jaja) says

    Hi again, amm, will the itunes 7.7 works with a jailbroken iphone???

  15. i have a 1.1.4 iPhone but i currently updated my iTunes to 7.7, i am having problems when i connect my iPhone to iTunes and it says that the apple mobile device should be downgraded..

  16. can i send Chinese characters for SMS when i upgrade to 2.0?