Screenshot Ability Built into 2.0 Firmware

Firmware 2.0 A few days ago, Doug and I were discussing how we were going to take screenshots on the applications we review, once we had upgraded to firmware 2.0. In the past, we used Capture…an application available through Installer on our jailbroken iPhones. However, firmware 2.0 has not been jailbroke yet, so we could no longer use Capture. Well, no worries, Apple has actually added the ability to take screenshots into the 2.0 firmware! To take a screenshot (a picture of what is on your iPhone’s screen), just quickly press and release your Home Button and Power Button at the same time. The screen will flash white, indicating that a screenshot has been taken. The screenshot is added your iPhone’s Camera Roll. To view the screenshot, select the Photos option on your SpringBoard and then Camera Roll. What is really sweet is that the screenshots are saved as .PNG files. Which means I do not have to covert them before uploading them to! Very nice!

Note: If you are looking for information on how to take screenshots of your lock screen. Please see these two posts; How to take screenshots of lock screen (firmware 2.0-2.1) and How to take screenshots of lock screen (firmware 2.2).

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  1. bigmcq77 says

    what about for ipod touch? saved in photos?

  2. esmandau says

    ajajajjaja, thats greattt

    • r u Spanish??

    • esmandau says

      Yes i am Form Puerto Rico, but i speak english, i use to live in NY (Bronx) for long time. Why you ask? maybe was because of the JAJAJAJA (American Use’s LOL) anyway Hi ! ! !

  3. i just found the ipod touch 2.0 firmware

  4. iambored8907 says

    Doesnt work for me. It just turns the silent on and off. I do know how it works (it worked for me in 1.1.4 ~ 2.0 beta 8)

  5. This is great! I write articles on the iPhone and I was wondering how I was going to achieve this without Jailbraking it. Now I know!!

    Brilliant tip.

  6. with 1.1.4 using bossprefs, enable springboard screenshot, you then take screenshots by holding HOME and toggling switch. I haven’t had to use capture for some time.

  7. how do we get the screenshots on the computer?

  8. i just found out u can use the iphone as an camera for ur computer. when u connect the ipod, the computer thinks its a camera so if u have a webcam software i think u can use it as a camera.

  9. Sweet action!!!

  10. to take a screenshot on windows press the print screen button then paste it where ya want it on a mac press command+shift+4 then drag a frame around what ya want a picture of and it will automatically save it to your desktop!

  11. bigmcq77 says

    works well on ipod. and what ever happened to saving images from safari??

    • I’d like to know that too. Any news???

    • bigmcq77 says

      i havent heard anything new but seems like an awesome feature and you could save images and use them as a icon with AIM

    • To save pics from Safari, simply find a pic, press and hold, and tap save.

    • bigmcq77 says

      thanks a lot braden. I tried double tapping instead but I forgot that was zoom :). Awesome feature


  13. Awesome, thanks dudes!

  14. Please someone answer me, is there a 2.0 firmware for the ipod touch? If so how the **** do i get it

  15. From another person;

    Ed R reply on July 11, 2008:

    I have just heard that iPod touch owners have been trying to download it and its been failing. Apple have removed the firmware 2.0 and will hopefully have it working in the morning (its 22:34 here in the UK)

  16. thank u im not going completely insane then

    • I know , I was the same way, I kept virus scanning until I found this site and I wasn’t the only one with the problem.

  17. nice one guys.
    thanks for sharing… love this feature…

  18. Is the Youtube quality over 3G the same as WiFi or is it low quality such as the iphone 1st gen is over EDGE

  19. For iPod touch users, the firmware went up at 12:30 am eastern time, just minutes ago.

  20. Hey Doug and Brooke,

    Do you know how to upload the screen shots from an iPod Touch to a PC?